Team Baby Jack is Under the Momfluence

Team Baby Jack is Under the Momfluence

Team Baby Jack is Under the Momfluence

NEW to our social media is our Tuesday Instagram Takeover Series where we get to TAG ALONG with an influential #babyjackfan. We wanted to kick off this series with Madelyn, our social media content creator who joined Team Baby Jack this past February.

Madelyn has an eye for photography, was a brand photographer before having babies and is a SAHM of three with a passion for supporting small and local Milwaukee businesses. She began her @underthemomfluence account to give a fun perspective on parenting and motherhood and when we noticed this account, we knew she would be a great addition. I was excited to have someone local, who enjoyed photography and would appreciate Harry Potter, Milwaukee and Kindness. We immediately asked her to be a brand rep, which turned into joining our team!

We wanted YOU to get to know Madelyn more and realize why we follow her instagram account + see how she is a real supporter of our brand.

Team Baby Jack: How did you first hear about us? 
Madelyn: I think the first time was when my second born was a baby and a parenting expert posted about you, I was so thrilled you were a Wisconsin business and I have followed you since!

Team Baby Jack: Share with us your parenting perspective + some info about you.
Madelyn: Being a mom has been the most challenging and rewarding job I have ever done. I decided to be a Stay at Home mom once my 6 year old was born, leaving a job as a product photographer. I have since had two more children, all girls! They are 6, 4, and 11 months! I am so thankful to have a wonderful partnership with my husband that allows for me to be home with our children. Even though I left my job, my interest in photography never left and I soon entered a roll of brand rep, influencer, social media rep for small online companies that I love. It has been great to be able to do something for me while still be able to be present for my children.

Team Baby Jack: Our brand puts emphasis on safety, comfort and education. Share with us how you teach with your lovey at home.
Madelyn: Learning through play has always been something that resonated in my family, more so than strict sit at a desk learning, (Thank you quarantine for reinforcing this, I’m a terrible at home teacher 😂🤦🏻‍♀️). Learning loveys are a great way to learn without even knowing you’re learning. Littles learn colors and shapes, while my older may ask questions like “What do cows eat?” After seeing a cow on the Farm Lovey.

Team Baby Jack: We try to create with education in mind - designing fun prints with shapes or even raising awareness for causes. Tell us how this applies to your child.
Madelyn: We love your kindness lovey, as that is something we absolutely live by. Kindness always.

Need to know more? Follow @underthemomfluence on Instagram and be sure to TAG ALONG Tuesday to get some behind the scenes!

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