Team Baby Jack is Under the Momfluence

NEW to our social media is our Tuesday Instagram Takeover Series where we get to TAG ALONG with an influential #babyjackfan. We wanted to kick off this series with Madelyn, our social media content creator who joined Team Baby Jack this past February.

Madelyn has an eye for photography, was a brand photographer before having babies and is a SAHM of three with a passion for supporting small and local Milwaukee businesses. She began her @underthemomfluence account to give a fun perspective on parenting and motherhood and when we noticed this account, we knew she would be a great addition. I was excited to have someone local, who enjoyed photography and would appreciate Harry Potter, Milwaukee and Kindness. We immediately asked her to be a brand rep, which turned into joining our team!

We wanted YOU to get to know Madelyn more and realize why we follow her instagram account + see how she is a real supporter of our brand.

Team Baby Jack: How did you first hear about us? 
Madelyn: I think the first time was when my second born was a baby and a parenting expert posted about you, I was so thrilled you were a Wisconsin business and I have followed you since!

Team Baby Jack: Share with us your parenting perspective + some info about you.
Madelyn: Being a mom has been the most challenging and rewarding job I have ever done. I decided to be a Stay at Home mom once my 6 year old was born, leaving a job as a product photographer. I have since had two more children, all girls! They are 6, 4, and 11 months! I am so thankful to have a wonderful partnership with my husband that allows for me to be home with our children. Even though I left my job, my interest in photography never left and I soon entered a roll of brand rep, influencer, social media rep for small online companies that I love. It has been great to be able to do something for me while still be able to be present for my children.

Team Baby Jack: Our brand puts emphasis on safety, comfort and education. Share with us how you teach with your lovey at home.
Madelyn: Learning through play has always been something that resonated in my family, more so than strict sit at a desk learning, (Thank you quarantine for reinforcing this, I’m a terrible at home teacher 😂🤦🏻‍♀️). Learning loveys are a great way to learn without even knowing you’re learning. Littles learn colors and shapes, while my older may ask questions like “What do cows eat?” After seeing a cow on the Farm Lovey.

Team Baby Jack: We try to create with education in mind - designing fun prints with shapes or even raising awareness for causes. Tell us how this applies to your child.
Madelyn: We love your kindness lovey, as that is something we absolutely live by. Kindness always.

Need to know more? Follow @underthemomfluence on Instagram and be sure to TAG ALONG Tuesday to get some behind the scenes!

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