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At Home Learning with The Learning Lovey by Baby Jack

At Home Learning with The Learning Lovey by Baby Jack

@ home with kids? Teach with the Learning Lovey. 

Our Learning Lovey Collection are sensory toys and comfort blankets that have education and development in mind. We create a product that benefits kids emotionally, physically and mentally touching on all of the senses. When kids are not learning with our loveys, they use them as a comfort tool, to ease separation anxiety, help with self soothing and as an attachment when parents are not near.

Many families around the world are social distancing due to COVID19 and schools are closed, leaving parents to educate from the comfort of their homes. Being a brand that creates an educational toy filled with sensory developmental benefits, we wanted to provide a series of ideas giving parents a resource to have fun while bring comfort to their kids during this confusing time having easy access to education pairing with our products. 

Both kids Jack (11) and Bailey (8) design our Learning Lovey fabrics on our tag toys and blankets.  They start with crayon drawings and Mom Kelley transforms them into textile fabrics. We thought it would be fun to create some coloring sheets out of our fabrics so your little ones can showcase their artwork, trying to create their favorite Lovey.


The patterns on all of our fabrics take shapes, letters and numbers to create a picture. Hidden in the Red Crab, you will see the letter "C", circles, ovals and more. The Whale tail is created using the letter "Y" and our fun penguins waddle with the letter "W" for their webbed feet. All of the images on The Learning Lovey offer a variety of educational fun for all ages. 

Our Learning Lovey Collection help with Speech & Language development with kids of all ages. Many fabrics are gender neutral because kids identify animals that they see often in their lives: zoo, farm, ocean.  

Reach Speech Pathologist Blog from Mrs. Speechie P here! 

Children can use their sense of sight to identify the different animals on our Learning Lovey prints. Test kids by asking questions like, "where does a lion live?" or "What sound does a Cow make?". These not only are a way to learn but you will make memories that you will cherish in years to come! 

Download & print (2 copies) of our FREE Learning Lovey Animal Collage and create a matching game!

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