April Design Farm - We have ROOTS with Farming in New Glarus!

April Design Farm - We have ROOTS with Farming in New Glarus!

Both kids Jack and Bailey understand and appreciate the importance of farming in our community. It was a no brainer for our company to design a Farm Life fabric to coincide with our Learning Lovey Collection. Some of our fondest memories with the kids is taking them every year to a local family farm going apple picking and ordering the most delicious banana bread and apple crisp pies around. We teach the kids how farmers have built a business that supports the community and works with other businesses all over. Farming is important because many of the foods we eat originate from farms, especially living in Wisconsin. We have so much love for farmers that we moved near one so our backyard view is an apple orchard! 

Our family comes from a long line of farmers. After doing some ancestry digging, we found out that Jack's great great great etc. grandfather (Fridolin Legler) and grandmother (Theresa Schmid) were one of the very first settlers of New Glarus, Wisconsin - migrating from Glarus, Switzerland. A monument in the center of town showcases these first settlers and recently our family visited to give the kids a history lesson! Since obtaining farmland in New Glarus, each descendant of Fridolin Legler continued the farming legacy for years to come, including Jack's great grandfather Wayne Legler who took over the family farm (owned by Harland Legler) that was in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. 

At Baby Jack & Company, we try to encourage learning in many ways - using shapes, letters, numbers and teaching the importance of helping our communities.  This farm design does it all - just look at this little pig and all the shapes used to build the face. It is a fun design with learning in mind. As a child grows, you can sing songs, introduce animals and get them ready for their first farm visit or apple picking experience! Tell them all about how agriculture helps our cities and towns and is extremely important in producing the products we see every day: milk, yogurt, cheese, chicken, eggs and ice cream! 

This farm lovey and crinkle tag square (and many other prints) can be purchased at many gift shops in Wisconsin and throughout the U.S. Some top shops that carry the farm design are Sassy Cow Creamery, Machine Shed Restaurant in Pewaukee and Appleton, Milwaukee County Zoo and our store of the month for April, Kinderladen in New Glarus, Wisconsin

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