An Ode to the Mom & Pop Shops

An Ode to the Mom & Pop Shops

An Ode to the Mom & Pop Shops

Baby Jack is a small, growing business. We take pride in all the hard work that goes into the day to day of customer service, product development, marketing and building a strong brand that gives back to its community. THIS is why we value our brick and mortar stores so much, providing them with great margins, unique products and ensure that our loyal customers support their businesses. 

Today is Mom & Pop Shop Day. We want to introduce you to some of our retailers that have helped our brand grow and are carrying The Learning Lovey currently to bring comfort to their customers. 

ToodleyDoo Toys
Franklin, Indiana 
These experts at this adorable SPECIALTY toy store knows how to have FUN.  Debi has been carrying Baby Jack loveys for almost two years now and they are a TOP SELLER from 2017 inside her toy store. Gifts, toys, games definitely want to stop and shop.  Her staff are EXPERTS in the industry and are big at supporting their community. It is definitely why we get along so good and compliment one another with our social media! 

Cedarburg Toy Company
Cedarburg, Wisconsin
Shop owner Tasha recently added our Learning Lovey Collection to their  Made in USA product lines in their adorable downtown Cedarburg store. As a Wisconsin business, our families have been visiting this hidden gem for festivals and have always loved the feel of this specialty toy store nestled in the historic town. They offer a range of specialty toys, including our favorites from the Harry Potter book / movie series. It pairs perfect with our beloved Wizard lovey! 

Trade Whims 
Easton, Maryland
This fun and adorable gift shop with a motto of "whatever the wind blows in" adores our 8x8 crinkle squares. Look at how they are displayed along the door entryway as you enter the children's specialty section in their downtown store.  If you are in the area stop by, support their gift shop by buying something unique for your friends and say hello to owners Alice and Susan!

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