A Labor of Love - Bailey's birth story

A Labor of Love - Bailey's birth story

A Labor of Love - Bailey's birth story

I am scouring through Facebook and see a link a friend shared about a couple that documented the home birth of their daughter. Lately, I have shed a lot of tears from the many videos that have gone viral but these photos are a must to share. 

It took me back to the moment when I heard the cries of my children. That feeling of pure love knowing that your life has completely changed. Your heart is now full upon seeing that face and all that work/worry/anxiety that you faced is worth it. The adventure begins.

I didn't have a home birth nor a natural one. I see the strength that this couple endures together and the light in their eyes. Together as parents, we share this common ground. 

With Jack, I do not recall a lot that happened that day as I was exhausted, dehydrated and he was our first. I am proud of the scars that came from delivering my two babies, Jackson and Bailey via cesarean. Jack was first an emergency C-section upon having his cord wrapped after a long labor and Bailey was my planned out operation. I call it drive thru baby with #2. I was blessed to have our nurse take our camera and snap all of these images, documenting her birth on our behalf. 
Here's her story...Bailey Louise Legler born on May 5, 2011.

Getting ready to go into the OR 8:45AM

After a quick chat about McDonald's and the weather, the spinal was in and I am numb.
My nerves were not as intense as the first time.

Within seconds, my husband arrived and already they had begun. With Jack, my first, it took 45 minutes for prep and to begin the initial cut. When Brian walked in the room, he saw me open.
It's a boy...it's a girl. Wait, it's a boy? Girl? What is it? We were told 5 months prior it was a girl.
The room was decked in pink.
It's a GIRL! 9:03AM

I hear her crying. Brian sets his hand on my head. I begin to tear up. She is here.
Bailey began to wail. When Jack was born he made three soft cries but it was clear that Bailey was making her grand appearance. She kept at it until she was all snug.

7lbs, 10oz, 20 inches long.

Brian takes a moment with his little girl.
To this day, her dad's touch soothes her. Daddy's girl.
A beautiful full head of hair, healthy pair of lungs. 10 fingers, 10 toes.
Bailey has been blessed with adorable assets. 

My first time seeing her. The moment makes me cry. Pure joy and love radiate.

First kiss from mommy.

From this day, she would have her dad wrapped around her finger. He is amazing with babies and did the AM feedings, bonding with her and lulling her to sleep.
Recovery room for one hour post cesarean. A special time of bonding for mom and Bailey.

No matter how you decide to have a child - be it your own discretion or a medical team, it is truly one of the most remarkable experiences in life. I didn't plan on a cesarean with my first born Jack, it happened because it was the safest route for him and I. With Bailey, I just wanted my little girl safe and in my arms as fast as possible. In the blink of an eye, she was here. 

Isn't she lovely
Isn't she wonderful
Isn't she precious
Less than one minute old
I never thought through love we'd be
Making one as lovely as she
But isn't she lovely made from love
Happy family of four Baby Jack Blankets owners Kelley, Brian, #CEOJack and #VPBailey
Bailey with her Merry Cherry Satin lovey created by mom of Baby Jack Blankets at birth. To this date, she carries around her "B" everywhere.

xo Kelley

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