2015 Gift Guide for CEOJack and VPBailey of @babyjackco

I am done shopping. Done. I did it all before all the chaos of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and more. Trick - stores offer big % off ALL THE TIME. My sanity and piece of mind is more important than saving a few $ or running from store to store.

Here's my picks for items that we bought for the kids this holiday. This is not a post sponsored by Disney or LEGO - we simply just adore them. And I basically am not even going to link all of these because you are going to Google the best price anyway!

Baby Jack & Co Hippo,  Disney Jasmine Ornament, KidO Magnatab, Disney Joy Plush, LEGO Avent, Girl Scout Barbie  Tiggly Words,  YOXO Toys Pegasus,   KidOToys Bird Whistles, LEGO kids cup, IKEA Easel, LEGO Advent, Star Wars Blueprint Papercrafts, Battleship, Jurassic World Raptors, Star Wars Hat, LEGO Luke Skywalker, Disney Jack Skellington Ornament, LEGO kids cup, Yoda Pillow Buddy, Baby Jack & Co Football


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