4th of July with Kids

4th of July with Kids

4th of July with Kids

With the 4th of July coming up, here are some ideas to celebrate the day with kids! 

We found these on Pinterest, make sure to follow us HERE for even more ideas and to see the original pin!

Use star shaped cookie cutters in fruit for themed snack trays. Add blueberries, strawberries, and vanilla yogurt covered pretzels to design a flag on your tray to take it to the next level. 

Use red and blue jello, fill the cup half way. Once solid and ready to serve, add whipped cream and the opposite colored (red/blue) fruit on top.

The kids could make their own dessert! Dip the edges of their ice cream sandwiches in red, white, and blue sprinkles. Instant themed treat!


Pour a blue juice and a red juice in star shaped ice trays (regular ice trays still work!) and freeze them. When ready to serve, add to sprite to make your drinks kid friendly and festive. 

This breakfast can be interactive too. Dice up strawberries and bananas and some blue berries. Show the kids how to lay out their fruit to fill their waffles to make a flag. 

This is such a smart ideas if you have little ones wanting to play with sparklers. Poking a hole in the bottom of a plastic cup to protect their hands from the sparks. 

Looking for crafts? Let the kids paint popsicle sticks red and blue, add some white star stickers or white glitter. Glue the sticks in the shape of a star, add to a stick. Take it to the next level by adding ribbons from the edge of the star. You could even add glow in the dark paint so at night the kids can see their wands light up!

One more fun idea! Cut a paper towel tube in 2-3 pieces and then paint it blue. Add those white star stickers or white glitter and then glue red and white streamers to the inside edge of the tubes. The kids can run around inside or outside blowing these to see the streamers blow all over the place! 


While making these treats or crafts with your children, you can teach them fun facts about the 4th of July and why we celebrate! Our American Flag Lovey is perfect for baby’s first Independence Day celebration, to entertain while waiting for the fireworks and bring comfort if needed through the night! Happy 4th of July! 


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