We have ROOTS in New Glarus, Wisconsin

We have ROOTS in New Glarus, Wisconsin

We have ROOTS in New Glarus, Wisconsin

Our family learned that our ancestors are from New Glarus, WI. 

Years back when ancestry.com was NEW, I enjoyed my New Years Eve with my in-laws searching their family history. I found the very first settler of the Legler name. 

Jack is the descendant of one of the early farming settlers of New Glarus, Wisconsin. His great-great-great-great-great grandfather Fridolin Legler brought his son George (and wife) to the United States from Glarus, Switzerland. Migrating from New York, they eventually settled in Wisconsin and established roots. 

In the center of this Swiss proud town - dubbed as Little Switzerland - is a statue dedicated to the first families that arrived over from Glarus, Switzerland. The pride of my father-in-law for his heritage is strong and now that my kids (Jack-9 and Bailey-7) are old enough to appreciate their family tree, they have excitement for their history.

As a college student, I went on a travel study to Norway, Sweden and Finland and it sparked my love for history.  I too am excited for our recent learning of our heritage in this New Glarus town. It is home of adorable shops resembling Swiss chalets, meat markets, bakeries and of course the New Glarus Brewing Co.! One of our retailers and toy stores, Kinderladen carries our Baby Jack products and embraces the roots of our family by sharing our story when you visit! I never pass up a chance to stop by, say hello and indulge in a brewery tour!

My goal as a mom (and business owner) is to teach. In this case, teach my kids about the history of our ancestors and family. To have an understanding of where we all came from. I love educating them on new topics and bringing adventure into their lives and involving them in ways to encourage education. This is exactly how our brand and designs have evolved into a Learning Lovey toy. Education can be everywhere but you have to search for it. Each print, designed by my kids have a "look & find" aesthetic by building pictures with shapes, letters and numbers. 

A full circle moment. Hard work brought our ancestors to New Glarus. As first farmers they started our family in Wisconsin. Now, Jack and his company are bringing comfort to kids in the town where it all first started.

Randy (Papa), Kelley, Brian, Scott, Bailey, Jack and Nancy (Nana) Legler.


  • From the records at the LDS library, I came up with names, and places, back to 1505.
    Conradus Legler 1505, Bethschwanda, Swizerlans, Maggdalena Grau, 1509, same place
    They had 8 children, Gabriel, Jeorg, Jacob, Bart, Catherine, Michael, Joss, Melchior,
    and Melchior is my line

    Margaret Ann Legler( Flatow) on

  • I am a descendant of Georg Legler 1827-1887 Betschwanden, Switzerland and Anna Stori 1823-1901, they migrated to the U.S. via New York on ship Hammonia in 1873 and settled in Milw, WI. They had Anna 1864-1889=she died in Swit, Kasper, Georg Jr. and Mathais 1868-1913 who was my grandfather and Anna Zuehlke his wife they had 3 boys Clarence, Milton, and Elmer my father. At this time I do not know if there is any relation with the Legler’s of New Glarus.

    Margaret Ann Legler Flatow on

  • I am also a descendant of George and Barbara Legler. My great grandfather was his son George. Do you know what line your family comes down because I have a family photo album?

    Barbara Legler Benson on

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