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Oliver has faced challenges but he received a lovey from our #spreadthelovey project that provides him with comfort. Here is his story: "At our 20 week anatomy ultrasound on July 27, 2015, we were SO excited to find out the gender of our sweet baby. Turns out...it was a baby boy!!! We were so happy, as we have 2 girls already. But then we got some not-so-happy news. They saw some "soft markers" in his stomach and brain, that could be indicators of a chromosomal disorder, but most of the time, they go away on their own. So they scheduled...

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  Waylon is a heart warrior that has been touched by Baby Jack & Co's #spreadthelovey kindness project. His family was inspired to collect loveys for their hospital by one of our reps and their kindness inspired others to pay it forward. Kindness is truly contagious.  Here is his story -- "After a very easy and uneventful pregnancy, Waylon was born on December 8, 2015. He had some difficulty breathing so off to the NICU he went to be monitored overnight. The next day, he was released out of the NICU so his regular pediatrician stopped by to do a...

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Kids are resilient. They adapt to their surroundings and soak up all that they can, like sponges. Baby Jack focuses on encouraging early learning and teaching Kindness where we can.  Our #spreadthelovey and Teaching Kindness campaign brings a real life #babyjackfan as the face of our lovey and promotes their cause.  #causemarketing is doing something good with a brand. "Having a business that can give back has been one of my greatest accomplishments, next to my own kids" says owner Kelley Legler. Recently we partnered with Changing the Face of Beauty to acknowledge our involvement of working with a diverse...

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