Stages Learning Product Review

Stages Learning Product Review

Stages Learning Product Review

A new Baby Jack & Co. lovey product review from "Stages Learning" --

"Naptime can be a challenging time of day. Sometimes just having the right tools to comfort your child can go a long way with your baby’s happiness as well as your own! As your child’s sense of touch begins to grow, you may notice a curiosity or preference for certain kinds of textures. Baby Jack Blankets from Baby Jack & co. are truly unique in that they provide multiple textures to help soothe your child.

One side is smooth like satin while the other has a soft and furry feel to it. Some come with an attached plush animal if your child likes the softer, cushier textures and all come with a plastic link that’s great for teething (and clipping to a stroller!). The tags around the outside are sewn shut for safety. There are lots of fun patterns and themes to choose from, making it a good learning tool as an added bonus. This truly has everything you could want from a good baby blanket – safe, comforting, educational and entertaining!

The Baby Jack Blankets can be a great gift for any baby, but we also recommend it as a good therapy toy for any children with special needs and sensory sensitivity."

Stages Learning focuses on products that will help children with autism learn and thrive. Their products all feature beautiful, colorful, real-photo images to engage and encourage exploration.

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