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Next month, I have four baby showers in ONE DAY. I obviously can’t be in four places at once, but wanted to make sure the moms to be still got a special gift. Baby Jack is at the top of the list and we have been loyal since Mason was a baby! 

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Finley Noah Blumenthal has my heart. He also had a broken heart when he was born and mom Kelly reached out to me to personally design a Black and Orange lovey (UVA colors) to bring him comfort during his open heart surgery.  Mom Kelly and I took it a step further and #spreadthelovey the UVA kids handing out loveys during his surgery with her prayer page followers Prayers for Finn. Finn is the boy that lived. He is my real life Harry Potter, defying all odds surrounded by pure LOVE and helped me see the world in a Kind way.  As you...

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