The Only Lovey You'll Ever Need - Review by The Accidental Mrs

Baby Andres is 4 months old- can you believe it!! I feel like 4 months old is such a golden age, because he is starting to babble, laugh, drool, play with toys, and of course, TEETH! Luckily, I found the perfect loveys and sensory tag blankets for him to play with and devour, so it’s something other than my hand or shirt!  The Learning Lovey from Baby Jack & Co. is a sensory tag blanket that not only brings comfort to little teethers like my buddy, but also encourages early learning with the shapes, designs, and bright colors!

The Learning Lovey has definitely become a favorite “blankie” in our house. None of my other kids have ever really used a lovey or blankie, but it’s so cute to see Andres grabbing on to the tags and engaging with the lovey. One great thing about the Baby Jack & Co. blankets are that the tags are sewn shut, so little fingers can’t get stuck! The tags also have several different textures to engage the kids’ senses.

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