Mom Favorite Things *Giveaway*

Mom Favorite Things *Giveaway*

Mom Favorite Things *Giveaway*

Hello #babyjackfan followers! My name is Megan, a mom of two from the Milwaukee area and recent addition to team Baby Jack. I have followed many mom businesses and have recommended their products to friends because I believe in the quality and love put into each and every item. 

I have been a #babyjackfan since my first daughter Lily was nine months old. Owner Kelley invited me to their home for a fun photo shoot and ever since, Lily has been carrying her lovey around.  With the addition of our daughter Eva, now nine months, we were offered to join Team Baby Jack to assist with marketing opportunities and connecting with other families. I knew the Baby Jack followers would appreciate a fabulous giveaway with many brands I love.

Baby Jack creates comfort for kids with their security tag blanket loveys.  Ribbons are sewn shut to avoid fingers from getting stuck in loops.  Baby Jack and Co. has recently designed prints that are geometric and encourages early learning with shapes and bright colors. Eva chose to play with the Rainbow Lovey that has all the bright and beautiful colors of the rainbow and matches her Freshly Picked moccasins for today's photo shoot. I am an avid FP Mocc buyer because of their leather quality, back story of a strong Mom business owner and the variety of colors they introduce. There are several other moccasin shops that now hand make and sell baby shoes but nothing compares to the easy slip on back that Freshly Picked has designed. It is elastic to secure around baby's ankle to prevent it from falling off too.  These are two brands that my kids have several of since they keep them comfy, cozy and cute. They are both lightweight in the diaper bag and it's a fun accessory to coordinate with any outfit.  

Speaking of outfits, Target debuted this Strong Like Mom tee and Baby Jack gave 4 year old Lily her very own.  Being part of a mom business, they truly understand the hardship of balancing work life and mom life, so being able to bring the kids into the office is a perk. Baby Jack hires Strong women on their team and this t-shirt is fitting for all the kids in the office! 

Want to WIN your very own pair of Freshly Picked Moccasins, a Baby Jack lovey AND a Strong Like Mom tee?  

1. Add your email to our #babyjackfan newsletter list and we will email you a few MORE ways to enter to win!
2. Leave a comment on our blog with which lovey and color moccasins you would choose and how you empower your kids with strength!

Thank you kindly for taking the time to stop by and learn more about a few mom businesses that I adore!  

Get $10 off your own lovey with code:  LOVEYFP10

Butterfly Kisses from Eva!
Giveaway ends Saturday, March 4th.  Winner will choose a pair of moccasins of their choice.  Winner cannot have won a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins in the last 60 days.  

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