Its all in the crinkle

Its all in the crinkle

Babies develop hearing while growing during pregnancy. They begin to hear sounds from the outside world when mom is about 23 weeks pregnant. By 35 weeks of pregnancy your baby's ears are fully formed and can likely distinguish your voice from others. After birth, your baby's hearing continues to develop and is critical for learning. 

At Baby Jack we know how important sound is as we design and develop products with education and development in mind. The crinkle crackling fabric that is sewn inside our Sensory Square is a hit with babies (and pets). This evokes learning cause and effect with your little one during tummy time play, laying on their activity gym or on the go in the car seat / stroller / baby carrier. As your child grows, the auditory sound will comfort them like white noise and entertain during sensory play. 

 "From the moment they're born, sound is an integral part of children's development. Infants respond to their parents' voices, lullabies, and white noise, and as they grow, different sounds help them to learn and connect."  Care for Kids 

Between 4 and 6 months, babies start to look for the source of a sound. They enjoy rattles and other toys like the Baby Jack Crinkle Square that make noise. They try to imitate sounds such as "ooh", "aah" and "ba-ba," and respond to changes in tone of voice. This is a great time to be singing songs and reading to your baby to help growth for their listening brain.

Between 7 and 12 months, babies typically make babbling sounds, even when alone, imitate simple words and sounds, and respond to their own names or someone's voice even when it isn't loud. They also look at things or pictures when someone talks about them.  This is a great way to incorporate The Learning Lovey to point and identify specific animals / trees on the fabric prints. 

Baby Jack Crinkle Squares with fabric paper come in a variety of colorful prints. Kids Jack and Bailey design many of the fun, modern fabrics with an educational appeal. We try to encourage learning with each and every fabric we make to allow kids many developmental benefits. We offer several state and city crinkles to bring with you on your every day adventures and also a great gift when traveling.  

Kori C., a member of our VIP group shared her baby jack story with us. Her son Lucian has been on the move from the start. " He's 10 months now and his play room has all sizes, and colors of Baby Jack loveys thrown around. I don't even bother to pick them up if he's in there too because he speed crawls to the basket! Baby Jack loveys are my go to baby shower gift now! So soft, fun, and beautiful!"


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