We are Connected People: Jack, G9, GMR and even Aaron Rodgers.

We are Connected People: Jack, G9, GMR and even Aaron Rodgers.


It all started with a boy named Jack.

Often I find myself sitting at my office and getting a chill down my spine letting me know I am right where I am supposed to be. The feeling grounds me and shows me how we are all connected and that no matter the struggle of being an entrepreneur, there is real meaning behind our business. This feeling occurred weeks ago when I sat down with a mom named Sarah and recently three days prior when I read an interview of Aaron Rodgers regarding his passion behind supporting children in need and being inspired by a boy named Jack from Gold in September® (G9 Project).

"I believe that we are a connected people. And it’s not difficult to see that cancer touches all of us."  Aaron Rodgers

Sarah Bartosz sat across from me at my desk a few weeks back and told her story about her son Jack.  Jack was diagnosed with cancer and inspired many (including his twin sister Annie) to raise awareness for childhood cancer and support other families through the I Back Jack Foundation. Shortly after Jack lost his seven year battle, the Bartosz family were determined to GROW GOLD and bring HOPE to children all over, offering support through their foundation - which transformed into Gold in September® (G9 Project). It was the house that Jack built, the project that Annie inspired and a mission The Bartosz family is making happen with GoldinSeptember.com

My own baby Jack (now 7) inspired me to create comfort for children of all ages. I noticed he took comfort at night with his ribbons and it soothed him to sleep so I decided to start selling these products.

I was let go from my marketing job during the recession shortly after having Jack and was taught how to sew. I saw this need for a product with ribbons, sewn shut for safety, and I turned my hobby into a business.  I wanted to design and align my brand with a way to give back. Fast forward seven years and we are making that happen with our kindness project #spreadthelovey to bring cause awareness with our loveys and specialty prints. 

This is the HOPE that Jack built. 

A full circle moment:
Sarah and I discussed a partnership with Gold in September® (G9 Project) and designing a specialty lovey to literally GROW HOPE. The direct connection to Sarah for this opportunity was someone from my previous employer, owner Gary Reynolds and his wife Gail from GMR Marketing. Gail connected us immediately knowing my passion and the G9 mission. GMR Marketing kindly agreed to sponsor the creation of the Golden Hope lovey designed to raise awareness for pediatric cancer in partnership with Gold in September® (G9 Project). 

Today marks a turning point as we debut the G9 Gold Hope lovey and share stories about Jack. I feel honored to be in the support circle with parents, families, businesses and even Aaron Rodgers to honor the Hope that Jack Built and align Baby Jack & Company with their mission to Go Gold in September (G9) and Grow Hope.

 Help us GROW HOPE.

Here are two ways you can support this initiative:

  1. Pre-order the exclusive G9 GROW GOLD Lovey today! This gift will bring golden hope and awareness of childhood cancer to friends and family of all ages, with a portion of the proceeds supporting the G9 mission. ORDER HERE. 

  2. Donate one G9 Lovey to a child or teen going through cancer treatment and support Gold In September (G9) in meeting the mission of growing awareness and inspiring action for childhood cancer research and initiatives. DONATE A G9 LOVEY HERE.


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