Elf on The shelf Ideas with Baby Jack

Elf on The shelf Ideas with Baby Jack

Elf on The shelf Ideas with Baby Jack

Tis the season to welcome back your family Elf on the shelf. The Elf on the Shelf is a fun holiday tradition that helps Santa decide who put on the naughty or nice list. These Elves are called "Scout" Elves and come in both boys and girls. Weather your a seasoned Elf family or welcoming a new Elf, the joy they bring is worth all the effort.

The Elf comes with a cute story that ends with your child choosing a name for your elf. Each night your elf travels back to the north pole and when he returns your child gets to wake to find what kind of shenanigans he created. 

This tradition is fun because there is very few set rules. Many parents choose to have their elf arrive the day after Thanksgiving while others wait until December 1st. The biggest rule with the elf is that nobody can touch it. The theory is that the Elf will loose his powers and wont be able to fly back to the North Pole.  Again, this rule is perceptive. Some parents choose to have moms and dads be able to touch the elf to place him back on the shelf, some leave the elf in its place all day. Often, parents use only tongs or oven mitts to touch the Elf. Half the fun is choosing how the Elf will fit best with your family.  Elves can’t talk but are great listeners: children can share secrets and wishes with their Elf as often as they’d like.

The morning excitement of your child searching for their elf is the most magical part. The elf can be silly, naughty, sleepy as there are endless options of mischief to display! The fun for parents begins when kids get into bed and fall asleep, but sometimes parents get overwhelmed with the day to day and forgot to move the Elf. We at Team Baby Jack decided to share some fun and easy ideas for your elf on the shelf to bring more holiday joy!

Baby Jack Loveys and Crinkle Squares make perfect blankets for your sleepy Elf on the shelf. We also repurposed our unused masks into gift card holders, which would make the perfect bag for your elf. 


Here are 20 simple Elf on the Shelf Ideas that don`t need a ton of thought planning or materials. 

1. Place him/her on the top of the tree
2. Spell a word/Message with cereal 
3. Cotton ball bath
4. Climb a candy cane ladder
5. Tea Party guest
6. Read a book
7. Tie shoe laces together
8. Wrapped in toilet paper
9. Sugar or Flower snow angel
10. Napping
11. Playing a board game
12. Pooping
13. Coloring a Picture
14. Eating a bunch of cookies
15. Fell asleep in powdered sugar
16. Tied up by your house pet with a sign
17. Repelling from 2nd floor or ceiling
18. Nativity inclusion
19. Laying inactive by Toy Story toys
20. Playing video games




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