Bringing comfort to those that need it most. #spreadthelovey

Bringing comfort to those that need it most. #spreadthelovey

In an online social world, we as people have become very vocal. We voice our opinions about people, parenting, products and places. We review and critique anyone and anything because we are encouraged to do so. We LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE to enter contests and increase post visibility. What we do not realize is that everyone is fighting their own battle we know nothing about and we need to be Kind. Always. 

Spread the Lovey is our kindness project that brings comfort with our security tag blanket loveys to kids all over; even their parents. It's an opportunity for people to reach out to their social network, collect donations and feel the JOY of giving when it is needed most. This kindness project connects people with a common experience. We have worked with military non profits, hospitals, prayer pages and parents that want a make a difference. They all have a story.

To kick off the week, I want to highlight some of those Mom Warriors that bring awareness in a kind way. They are real, speak their truth but ultimately want what's best for their children and family. #MomMonday

Katie Crenshaw is a mom and lifestyle blogger from that joined our Kindness Team after I personally reached out to her. Her daughter Charlie has the most adorable cheeks, eyes and smirk but what she received the most attention for was her facial birthmark. When I say attention, her blog post went viral, was covered by media outlets throughout the world and Katie received some negative feedback from internet trolls. "My story has sparked a conversation. The same hateful people who are criticizing me online are exactly the people that needed to hear my message!" says Katie in her blog post reacting to the attention. As always, with the bad and ugly feedback, comes the very good as she has gained new followers of those that truly understood her experiences and built a community of support.   Katie is now making a difference by joining forces with Baby Jack & Co. bringing kindness to The Newborn Nursery at Northside Hospital and little Charlie will be the face of our NEW Flamingo lovey with her picture on our product tag and showing everyone how she is #changingthefaceofbeauty.

If you want to help Charlie comfort kids with the Baby Jack loveys at the Northside Hospital, donate here.

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