Loveys in the Air - Review from THEIEMOMMY

Loveys in the Air - Review from THEIEMOMMY

Most babies have a lovey; a special blanket, stuffed animal or toy that is their best friend and comfort in times of need. Jax has both a blankie he loves and a pacifier that has a stuffed animal attached to it.

While I love his baby blankie; I wish it weren’t a full sized blanket! It’s not very convenient to take with us places and he drags it on the floor like Linus when he walks! While this is quite frankly absolutely adorable; it’s not very sanitary. Because of excessive washing his blankie already shows a lot of wear and tear and he’s only one!

When I saw the Lovey from Baby Jack & Co I thought, that’s exactly what he needs! It is a fraction the size of his regular blankie but has the same soft “nubs” I call them that he likes to rub with his fingers. Babies are very tactile and touch is such a huge part of development in the infant stage. Whenever I go to get Jax from his crib he is holding his blankie and just rubbing his fingers on the edges. He also does this to go to sleep.


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