Meeting and Creating for Jenna Dewan Tatum and Everly Tatum

Our family traveled to Tybee Island Georgia for a family vacation and Savannah wedding. Conveniently, Magic Mike XXL was being filmed locally and we were informed that Channing Tatum and his family were staying on the island. We made it a point to keep watch for them during our stay.

It was a morning running out for coffee and oddly enough I literally bumped into Jenna, her mom and Everly and sat down having a chat about being a mom, traveling and how Everly has been enjoying the beach. Everly was 16 months at the time and was smitten with my daughter Bailey (3). It was such a cute experience and very low key, chatting about being moms and working.

I followed up with Jenna after our run in as she was informed about Baby Jack and Company and how I would adore to create something for Everly. To my surprise, Jenna posted a picture via social media showing Everly pointing at the blanket and enjoying it. Thank you Jenna for supporting a mom and her dream ;)

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