Learning Animals

This collection helps little ones identify animals and practice their sounds.

Mom & Daughter Duo

Baby Jack & Co.is a Milwaukee business that has been creating comfort and bringing educational, fun designs to children since 2010. We pride ourselves in being a KIND company that gives back to organizations important to our customers - supporting police, fire, military & hospitals.

Bailey - Jack's sister - helps to design many of our fabrics to be a fun "look & find" toy by building pictures with shapes, letters and numbers. Browse our fun designs here:

The Learning Lovey Collection

Encourage love for travel and learning with our new U.S. Collection featuring city and state designs.

Learn State Facts

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Buildings, monuments, structures and signs all created by taking shapes to design the fabrics.

Love 2 Travel?

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South Dakota State Tag Toy Crinkle Square That Teaches Facts
$ 15.95

Baby Jack is heading to NYC for Toy Fair!

Our Learning Lovey Collection has been a top seller among retailers in the US and around the World. In an effort to bring more comfort to kids with our tag toys, we will be showing at the Annual NY Toy Fair in February.

Team Baby Jack is excited to see where this event will take us and open more doors for selling our products. If you know of a store we should be selling at, definitely let us know!

If you are a store and have interest in carrying our products, click the button below!

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Raise Awareness

Spread Kindness to a child in need with our unique products designed to raise awareness for causes.