Philadelphia 76ers Licensed NBA Sports Baby Crinkle Tag Toy

$ 16.95
Type: Lovey
Sensory crinkle baby jack paper tag toys help develop the five senses. These security blankets quickly become the favorite of both child and parent for so many reasons. A fidget newborn infant kid toy that helps stimulate sense of sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. Speech and language specialists and therapists love these for self regulation and occupational feeding use.

This sensory crinkle tag toy is designed to help stimulate your baby's senses and development. With educational use in mind, this toy is equipped with sensory crinkles, bright features, and ribbons for tactile exploration. Enjoy watching your baby learn in a fun and stimulating way. All ribbon tags from The Learning Lovey by Baby Jack are sewn shut to prevent little fingers, toes and tongue ties from getting stuck, unlike looped ribbons. 

This specialty sports licensed NBA toy will help little ones learn and cheer on their favorite teams starting from a young age.