Give the Gift of Comfort, Play and Education to a Child

Baby Jack started a program that connects families, brings comfort and raises awareness for causes that are near and dear to our customers.

  • Families that have long term stays in hospitals throughout the United States receive loveys donated from the kindness of strangers.
  • Children in the foster system and via shelters receive donations from kind strangers who want to bring smiles to their faces
  • Military children are comforted by our products to ease with separation anxiety of having a parent deployed.
  • Fire & Police stations throughout the U.S. receive donations for children to be comforted on their "rescue rides". 

Join us in spreading kindness. Give the gift of comfort to a child in need by donating via one of the active listings below. All donations will be sent directly to the responsible party collecting.

Interested in hosting a Baby Jack Collection?  Contact us!