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What's Happening with Jack?

Taking a #springbreak with CEOJack and VPBailey *Giveaway* April 13 2015 24 Comments

My kids do not get much tablet time as they tend to agree on a TV show to watch together which makes after school screen time manageable. I'd like to think in my mommy dream world that after school they miss each other so much that they just want to get along, hang out - not fight or scream or kick or punch or hit. Typically this is the case but it is SPRING BREAK which makes life working at home interesting. Of course after they have alone time, they migrate closer to each other which makes my heart happy. #siblinglove

I decided to reduce work hours to give my kids a lot of attention in the mornings and get out to enjoy Wisconsin Spring weather - all 50 degrees of it. Park dates, play dates, museum trips and out to eat kept #CEOJack and #VPBailey busy all week and in need of alone time in the afternoons. Hello Watch And Roll.

My kids are very into technology. I myself am a tech mom and love my devices so they obviously want to emulate that. We put their tablets inside a Watch And Roll holder and it makes life easier since the kids can hold onto it or we can strap it to the car / stroller or just simply hang it for background noise while they play. I played some fun music to inspire their creativity during their free play time. (Superhero music for Jack and Princess songs for Bailey)

CEOJack with his Watch And Roll and KidoodleTVJack is a gamer - one that is better than my husband. Currently we are very into LEGO everything, Marvel and Mario Brothers which made it so easy to show him KidoodleTV on his tablet.

I have spent many amazing minutes playing LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Harry Potter with this boy and couldn't be more proud of his skills. I understand many do not give their kids access to video games but we try to provide all kinds of stimulation for our children and something we can all enjoy. Also, I secretly wish he takes on my love for Harry Potter and I can have someone to share this interest with!!

Whenever Jack needed a break from his sister, he would get screen time watching a Mario Brothers cartoon or playing Angry Birds. Since he is a tech kid, we have to limit his time and KidoodleTV allows that with a kid timer. This feature is perfect as we can give it in 30 min increments to ensure he doesn't get overload. Sorry kid, the timer says so. Let's turn it off. There was no arguing!


VPBailey with her Watch And Roll and KidoodleTVBailey is a dreamer. She is the most unique and loving little girl who loves everything her brother has and also her Ponies, Barbies and any animal she comes in contact with. She is getting ready for her 4th birthday party so I downloaded Cinderella II on her tablet and she was consumed with it in the car ride, easily strapping he Watch And Roll to my headrest. This enabled her hands free to play/eat and not drop the tablet. Her KidoodleTV choices of course consist of My Little Pony episodes and Pound Puppies. It's exciting to see all the shows that I grew up with are available for her to watch for only $4.99 a month on this ap. I often hand it to her when I have a conference call needing uninterrupted quiet. Again, this KidoodleTV ap has a timer and kids listen to their tablet over mom. It is by far my favorite feature to avoid a meltdown!!


As you can see, both of these products are CEOJack and VPBailey approved and I would love to hear what you and your little ones did to enjoy Spring Break and get a chance to win a Watch And Roll of your own along with 6 months free subscription to KidoodleTV. Download the ap to your phone, get your free 14 day trial and try it out!

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