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What's Happening with Jack?

Proud to be an American January 25 2015

My husband and I went and saw American Soldier in the theatres and I personally thought the script, acting and message is Oscar Worthy. Bradley Cooper portrayed Chris Kyle, AKA The Legend, former Navy Seal and sniper.

14x18 American Flag Sensory Tag Baby BlanketI have never been to a movie where it was a packed house and a feeling of support for our military. This audience was unique. It consisted of seniors, veterans and perhaps parents of those serving. It has been a long time since I have gone to a movie without kids or opted out of a romantic comedy but I was well aware that this captive audience was there for the right reason.


It is exciting for me to announce that we are creating and mass producing our American Flag lovey - to sell online as well to our military stores - hoping to bring some comfort to soldiers and families that have a great distance between one another.  

Our military needs more support. I was taught at a young age to respect and help those that protect and serve. After seeing this movie - and reading vulgar reviews and tweets - I am proud to say that our company is big on supporting those that fight hard for our country. Our 14x18 sensory American Flag lovey will serve as a constant support to those that give us all the opportunity to be free.