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What's Happening with Jack?

Adorable #BabyJackFan Loveys Leftover in Bed Pictures November 19 2015

I have always been intrigued by the toy decisions my kids make when we say "lights out". There is always an opportunity for them to sneak around their room and gather toys in their bed for a last attempt at playtime. Quiet playtime. 

I rarely hear them playing after we tuck them in and it amazes me to see the random cluster of toys on their bed that they chose to play with and usually pass out during.

I asked my group of loyal followers to show me pictures of their kids beds after they woke up this AM. Of course it gave us many laughs and insight into these little lives and made my day seeing how very loved their loveys are...

1. Going Places

2. #spreadthelovey to Elmo


3. Colorful Comforts

4. All My Friends

5. Line em up!

6. One Solo Sock and Drool

7. Choices of comfort

 8. Doggies and Tigers and Cows - Oh My!

#CEOJack approved - Brick Loot Lego Subscription November 13 2014

Brick Loot surprised #CEOJack with the November box full of LEGOs. Upon opening it, he was in awe

1) getting mail is cool

2) getting a box full of LEGOs = everything is Awesome!

Jack kept asking why someone would send him mail and how they knew he loves to play with LEGOs. I explained to him (in kid speak) that Brick Loot is a company sending curated boxes of LEGOs to kids and adults every month. This company searches for new and innovative building products that their audience will enjoy. For a low monthly fee Brick Loot ensures you stay busy! 

Brick Loot's December box will be ready to ship so everyone needs to hurry and subscribe in order for it to arrive. This is their BIG LAUNCH for this new brand so the first box will be a great kickoff to kid entrepreneur CEOParker Krex's hobby turned business!  

Baby Jack and Company Brick Loot Review CEOJack LegosJack opened his Brick Loot with glee. Immediately squealing when he noticed a ROBOT he could build. My only regret was showing him this before dinner because he simply couldn't move without exploring everything.


We took our time with our loot. Jack's dad helped him with the 12+ airplane and it's proudly on display next to his racing Sausages. He contributed (and dictated) following all directions.

Jack has received LEGOs as gifts many times from the store but took extra notice of this box. Not sure if it was because he wasn't aware of it, didn't know the sender or received something for once from the mailman (unlike my usual blanket deliveries) but it was a hit!

If you are looking for a great gift, created by a kid entrepreneur who wants to share his love of LEGOs, order a monthly subscription to Brick Loot. You -and your child- will not be disappointed. Get 10% off with code Jack









Now is your chance to WIN the December box full of loot.

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Winner announced Sunday Nov 16.