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What's Happening with Jack?

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We have teamed up with twelve other great shops to give you and a friend a chance to win amazing products this holiday season. Baby Jack is all about giving and bringing comfort to kids with their sensory tag blanket loveys. These brands have played a big part in bringing comfort, ease or style to you and yours and that is why we picked them to partake in our giveaway. 

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That's it! 12 people will be chosen from our email list and every single one of them will win a Baby Jack lovey + 1 gift from our 12 brands! Contest closes at 10AM EST and winners emailed on 12/9


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The Birthday Poster Fit For A CEO February 09 2015 12 Comments

Celebrating birthdays in our home takes planning. To me, there is love in the details and I tend to go all out with favors, balloons and décor. It is my standard to have a certain theme and then coordinate all the little things around it.  This year, Jack chose to celebrate his sixth birthday with everything Ninja Turtles.

Party masks, a live box turtle feeding and martial arts ninja training was my plan and I have to say that it was executed flawlessly and was enjoyed by all. More details on the day of the party coming soon! Today, I was to focus on how emotional I am every time my child turns a year older...

CEOJack with his Sticky Bellies The Birthday PosterOne product that I saw months back at a baby industry tradeshow was from our friends Sticky Bellies. Sticky Bellies creates those milestone stickers that you put on a baby onesie (or belly bump) to capture the pictures every month. They are my favorite images of Bailey as she was growing up as you can really see the changes in her first year.

This year Sticky Bellies came out with #thebirthdayposter. The Birthday Poster is a perfect way to capture all the amazing qualities of your child and favorites during his/her year. It also captures height and weight to see how much they have grown over the years and to prove that they are not little anymore.

The day I received The Birthday Poster in the mail and opened the roll, I was emotional. I was reflecting on the six years as a parent and how far we (my husband and I ) as a couple have come. Our oldest was turning six and this means that in ten years he will drive! Look how FAST six years has gone, imagine the next ten! **panic mode**

After avoiding my emotions for days and finally putting thought into all the amazing things this boy can do and what a great kid he is, I sat down with my husband and together we colored. We joked about who colored better and had competitions (Rock, Paper, Scissor) of who would color what. Honestly,  I didn't think he would sit down and color with me but it was a great moment as a couple; as parents. At that moment, The Birthday Poster was more than a milestone maker, it was reassurance for the both of us that we are doing a great job.

Fast forward to the day of celebrating our #smallestCEO, #CEOJack. He was elated to see how "tall" he was and thought it was cool that he could actually read words from the poster and got to sign his name. His first real autograph!!! Sticky Bellies The Birthday Poster will be cherished for years to come, and hopefully this autograph will be worth money some day!

Now is your chance to WIN The Birthday Poster by Sticky Bellies for your child's next birthday!!!

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