Ribbon Loops Give Me Anxiety

A story how one Red ribbon loop created a safer tag blanket for kids all over. 

I am a mom. I worry about my children 24/7 and in the rare occasion that I would get sleep while my son was young, i never wanted to worry about his well being while snoozing. However, i did check up on him multiple times throughout the night before all the video monitors came to market.

As a first time parent, we made sure all the products were perfect for our kid. We pre-washed all his clothing and removed the tags to avoid any irritation. We were very cautious and made smart decisions just like many other parents do. Just like car seats, bumper pads in cribs and swaddling, we took precautions.

Jack got his finger caught in his beloved Red ribbon when he was 18m old. A tag blanket that I created with my business Baby Jack Blankets. Imagine how awful I felt as a mom who provided this sense of security, hand sewing it for him and he got hurt. The thought of seeing your child with their little fingers wrapped up and caught in a looped tag blanket will forever stick in my head. Ribbon loops give me anxiety. I vowed as a mother -- and business owner -- to prevent this from happening to any more Baby Jack products.

From that moment on, Baby Jack & Company decided to create a safer alternative to tag blankets, coming up with a patented new design of sewing ribbons closed into TABS to keep fingers safe. We opted away from the heat sealed ribbons as we did not want children putting them in mouths. By sewing the ribbons closed into tabs, little ones still get the experience of rubbing the ribbons together for sensory play. A little red ribbon changed our design and it is my mission to provide a comfort to kids without the worry from parents.

Do you own a Baby Jack lovey? Are you a #babyjackfan? Tell us about your tag blanket experiences in comments below!

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  • I bought my daughter her first Baby Jack blanket 3 years ago, while we waited for her arrival. It’s still her favorite blanket to this day. Now she has baby brother that is 2.5 months old and she shares her blanket with him until we can get him his own. We are huge fans of Baby Jack Co. between the products and for what they stand for. Always recommending them to new moms and other mom friends!!


  • My 5 year old grand daughter STILL has her original Lovey. In fact, it is a “she” when she looks all over for it. (Ex: “Where do you think she is?”)

    Never left the house unless sleeping overnight. I think she’ll eventually take it to college…

    Judy Q

  • The thought of loops being dangerous never even occured to me until I came across your product! Now I warn people about theor beloved Taggies and recommend Baby Jack! (I confess my son has a loop elephant he loved as a squish that I kept, but won’t let him play with until I throw a stich in them!) Thank you for making a safe QUALITY product in addition to the amazing ways you give back. :)


  • We love our Baby Jack loveys! Thank you for creating a product that I am comfortable sending to bed with my two small little ones!

    Jacie Johnson

  • We are such huge fans of Baby Jack!! Bryson has 10 blankets and his sister has three. We love how the loveys are the the perfect size and the sewn shut tags have been amazing. How they still have the sensory part by using different ribbons with different feels. Then there are his toddler blankets! Perfect size again and the two different fabrics front and back. Love these! Recommend to everyone I come in contact with. Also with their giving hearts!!! Thank you Kelley!!!

    Danielle Pugh

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