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What's Happening with Jack?

Give Back with Blankies for Briggs! May 12 2017

Briggs was born with a rare liver disease, Biliary Atresia, and was told he would need a liver transplant at 3 months old. When he was 6 months old, he received three life saving liver transplants - each surgery saving his life and giving our family hope that he would make it through. It was during that time of a five month hospital stay that we held our first campaign of "Blankies from Briggs!"

We know first hand what it's like to be in the hospital for long periods of time and we know too exactly how comforting and special it is to receive something that helps you keep up the fight! Baby Jack works with families to bring that object of comfort and allows our friends & family to "sponsor a child" in need at a discounted price. 

With his second anniversary or "liveranniversary" coming up we wanted to do something again to give back to the Oschner's Children's Hospital where we were just two short years ago. And what better way than to give back with another round of Blankies from Briggs!  

To #spreadthelovey and SPONSOR A CHILD, CLICK THIS LINK and enter code KIND to remove shipping. No matter the address, all Baby Jack comfort blankets will ship direct to Briggs' mom Brittany. 

Today he is doing great and is making progress daily. He loves to play with his brother and attend organ donation awareness events with mom and dad! 

Follow Blessings for Briggs and his journey with Bilaria Astresia and how he and his family are bringing awareness for organ donation!

Language Pathologist for the Milwaukee Center for Independence (MCFI) April 12 2017

Jennifer Marie Eggert, MS, CCC-SLP, C/NDT is a Speech Language Pathologist for the Milwaukee Center for Independence (MCFI) Children’s Programs primarily servicing children in the Pediatric Skilled Nursing (PSN) program. Jen has spent her entire career providing evaluation and treatment for infants and children with a variety of diagnoses, especially in the area of feeding disorders. She has extensive experience with medically involved children in addition to years of experience as an instructor for the University of Wisconsin system. Jen enjoys learning from both the children AND adults in the families she works with.

What I love about the Baby Jack and Co. 
This blanket promotes development for the while child! As professionals, we tend to focus on areas of specialty. Speech therapists, for example, focus on speech/language and feeding. But we are still interested in overall child development. You don’t just treat part of a child, you treat the while child! These blankets promote sensory exploration (touch via hands and mouths, vision via eyes, hearing as a caregiver talks about the blanket), self-calming, movement (both of fingers/hands for fine motor movement and legs for gross motor), learning (colors, shapes, animals) and so much more. I have seen children of all ages and developmental levels benefit from and enjoy these loveys!

MCIF received a donation of 50+ loveys to provide developmental benefits to adults and children.
Milwaukee Center for Independence   

Meet some of our inspirational #babyjackfan kids with unique abilities


Atlanta AmericaMart Gift Show Video February 11 2016

Ribbon Loops Give Me Anxiety January 11 2016 7 Comments


A story how one Red ribbon loop created a safer tag blanket for kids all over. 

I am a mom. I worry about my children 24/7 and in the rare occasion that I would get sleep while my son was young, i never wanted to worry about his well being while snoozing. However, i did check up on him multiple times throughout the night before all the video monitors came to market.

As a first time parent, we made sure all the products were perfect for our kid. We pre-washed all his clothing and removed the tags to avoid any irritation. We were very cautious and made smart decisions just like many other parents do. Just like car seats, bumper pads in cribs and swaddling, we took precautions.

Jack got his finger caught in his beloved Red ribbon when he was 18m old. A tag blanket that I created with my business Baby Jack Blankets. Imagine how awful I felt as a mom who provided this sense of security, hand sewing it for him and he got hurt. The thought of seeing your child with their little fingers wrapped up and caught in a looped tag blanket will forever stick in my head. Ribbon loops give me anxiety. I vowed as a mother -- and business owner -- to prevent this from happening to any more Baby Jack products.

From that moment on, Baby Jack & Company decided to create a safer alternative to tag blankets, coming up with a patented new design of sewing ribbons closed into TABS to keep fingers safe. We opted away from the heat sealed ribbons as we did not want children putting them in mouths. By sewing the ribbons closed into tabs, little ones still get the experience of rubbing the ribbons together for sensory play. A little red ribbon changed our design and it is my mission to provide a comfort to kids without the worry from parents. 


Do you own a Baby Jack lovey? Are you a #babyjackfan? Tell us about your tag blanket experiences in comments below!

#12brandsofgiving with @babyjackco December 06 2015 385 Comments


Baby Elephant Ears     Baby Jack & Co     Beco Baby Carrier     Bella Simone NYC       Bibby Bubby          Chompy Chic Chewlery           Lily Jade       Livie Loos       Loved By Sophia Claire      Milk Snob       Jaq Jaq Bird      Sticky Bellies      Tink & Key    Balm Baby

We have teamed up with twelve other great shops to give you and a friend a chance to win amazing products this holiday season. Baby Jack is all about giving and bringing comfort to kids with their sensory tag blanket loveys. These brands have played a big part in bringing comfort, ease or style to you and yours and that is why we picked them to partake in our giveaway. 

1. Enter below or via our FB Giveaway tab 

2. Comment on our blog or FB post with which lovey you would choose

That's it! 12 people will be chosen from our email list and every single one of them will win a Baby Jack lovey + 1 gift from our 12 brands! Contest closes at 10AM EST and winners emailed on 12/9


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2015 Gift Guide for CEOJack and VPBailey of @babyjackco November 19 2015

I am done shopping. Done. I did it all before all the chaos of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and more. Trick - stores offer big % off ALL THE TIME. My sanity and piece of mind is more important than saving a few $ or running from store to store.

Here's my picks for items that we bought for the kids this holiday. This is not a post sponsored by Disney or LEGO - we simply just adore them. And I basically am not even going to link all of these because you are going to Google the best price anyway!

Baby Jack & Co Hippo,  Disney Jasmine Ornament, KidO Magnatab, Disney Joy Plush, LEGO Avent, Girl Scout Barbie  Tiggly Words,  YOXO Toys Pegasus,   KidOToys Bird Whistles, LEGO kids cup, IKEA Easel, LEGO Advent, Star Wars Blueprint Papercrafts, Battleship, Jurassic World Raptors, Star Wars Hat, LEGO Luke Skywalker, Disney Jack Skellington Ornament, LEGO kids cup, Yoda Pillow Buddy, Baby Jack & Co Football


Adorable #BabyJackFan Loveys Leftover in Bed Pictures November 19 2015

I have always been intrigued by the toy decisions my kids make when we say "lights out". There is always an opportunity for them to sneak around their room and gather toys in their bed for a last attempt at playtime. Quiet playtime. 

I rarely hear them playing after we tuck them in and it amazes me to see the random cluster of toys on their bed that they chose to play with and usually pass out during.

I asked my group of loyal followers to show me pictures of their kids beds after they woke up this AM. Of course it gave us many laughs and insight into these little lives and made my day seeing how very loved their loveys are...

1. Going Places

2. #spreadthelovey to Elmo


3. Colorful Comforts

4. All My Friends

5. Line em up!

6. One Solo Sock and Drool

7. Choices of comfort

 8. Doggies and Tigers and Cows - Oh My!

Kickoff the Finn Fundraiser & Model Search November 02 2015 2 Comments

Finley Noah Blumenthal is a special little boy that was born with a broken heart - and he personally stole mine. He also inspired over 23,500+ others that follow his Facebook prayer page Prayers for Finn. He is the face of our prayer lovey for so many reasons and now we are teaming up to find a new face for our 2016 Sports loveys and officially kicking off Sports Week via Prayers for Finn. All week you will have a chance to win our NEW baseball and football educational loveys and enter to win being a #babyjackfan model!  

Finn's mom Kelly has been a #babyjackfan from the beginning, ordering custom items for both big brother Mason and Finn before his birth. I created a Orange and Black (UVA colored) lovey for Finn as a keepsake because doctors told Kelly and husband Michael that Finn would not be with them long. His heart conditions were far too severe and that they were to hope for the best.  

Donations via #spreadthelovey to UVA Children's Hospital10 months later and baby Finn has had countless surgeries, pulled many feeding tubes out of his tiny body and continues to smile through it all. He is home. He is growing. He is bringing so much light to many families that are going through something similar and I cannot be more proud to watch it all happen and take part in it in some small way.  Since Baby Jack started our Kindness Project to #spreadthelovey to hospitals, military, fire and police stations all over, Finn and mom Kelly - along with the many prayer page followers - brought in over 350+ donations to UVA Children's Hospital and continues to bring comfort to many kids. This family has shown that kindness truly is contagious. Donate here to keep bringing smiles to UVA or contact us if you want to bring in donations to a cause near and dear to you.

Now we celebrate our favorite little fan - Finn. We celebrate 10 months of Finn by kicking off Sports Week with lots of fun things to support Finn's team of family, doctors, nurses and prayer warriors. This is YOUR chance as a Finn Fan to win a NEW educational sensory football lovey or baseball lovey via Finn's page and also support his medical bills with every purchase via babyjackco.com. It's a win win.  Buy any item online and use code FINNSPORTS and we donate $5 to him.

Another way to incorporate Finn followers is by offering a chance to be the Face of our new Sports loveys coming in 2016.  We have designed educational hockey, car racing, basketball and soccer and we at Baby Jack want to see your little #babyjackfan on our product hang tag. This is your chance for your child to win our hang tag search and be in stores across the United States!! 

  1. Donate to UVA via #spreadthelovey here
  2. Purchase any item online with code FINNSPORTS and we donate $5
  3. Enter to win all these fun things by checking out below!
  4. Share with friends
  5. Follow @babyjackco for winner reveals and more ways to win

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Surviving PPA / PPD and Creating a New Normal September 19 2015


I am letting you in on something personal. Something I hold so dear to my heart that our family experienced. Yes - not just me. My family went through it too. 

I was diagnosed with PPA / PPD shortly after Jack turned 1.  I used to look at this family picture and see a sad, sleep deprived mom who was losing her shit. Completely losing sight of reality and needing help. Over 5 1/2 years later - today, I looked at the photo.  I see a woman who was doing her best. I see light and love for a family of three. I see a child that is so doted on and two parents who have fun raising him. It's amazing how your mind works...

Today I am doing well. I have my moments as a mom but as you know - they are short lived moments. I am back to my new normal because I sought help. Therapy, medication and nonstop support from my family and close friends. I am a two time PPD survivor. 

I seek support in my business. Creating comfort for others. This is where my entire business model stems from. My darkest days. Now, I found that my #babyjackfan followers are a constant in my life. A support system so rare and unique and we keep on bringing love and light to so many others together. #spreadthelovey

Be sure to check out We Are The Faces of Post Partum video by Baby Rabies. 

Here's my very first PPD mention post originally posted on Blogger.com

Sewing Saved My Sanity

Recently I read a fantastic article from Neighborhood Parents Network (NPN) byAviva Cohen, LCSW, The Blossom Method about how hard it is to be a new mom. Everyone who gets through it seems to put on a face and not tell you the grueling details of the sleep deprivation, hormone imbalance and the anxieties that we all face. I wanted to share my personal story and this blog is giving me strength to recognize how bad it truly was.

I suffered severe postpartum with baby Jack. I didn't recognize that it was depression until days before his first birthday. Looking back, his first year seemed like such a blur. I was a nervous, hormonal first time mom who had social anxiety taking her son anywhere. I was stressed about his schedule and obsessed with maintaining some sort of order. Worst of all, I was the first of my friends to have a child. There was no support in my social network and unfortunately it lead to the end of many friendships who couldn't handle me at my very worst, and certainly didn't deserve me at my best; which of course lead to more anxiety, heartache and depression.

Since all was a blur to me during my "down days", my husband was able to give me three words to sum it all up: short fused, emotional, suicidal. I cry just typing that word. I love my husband. I love my kids and I love my life. This was NOT ME. I was not this person who was afraid, unhappy and in pieces. I was usually the one that carried others and this time, my husband carried me.

I got through this painful time with the help of my support system of my loving husband Brian, my immediate family, Brooke Shields, my OB, therapist, happy pills and my sewing machine. Sewing literally saved my sanity. It provided a great outlet and chance to be creative and turn something into a comfort for others. Baby Jack Blankets is happy to create comfort for little ones and employ local moms with a creative outlet and added income. #madeinMilwaukee #madeinUSA

My Brian is my rock. He knows me and the type of person I am and encouraged me to seek help. He went with me to my doctor appointments and sat through therapy sessions. We learned together and our bond grew. I will always be grateful for him and his strength along with my family for making me whole again. *tears* Brooke Shields needs credit where credit is due. Her book Down Came The Rain changed my life and my thinking about this disease. It is a must read for anyone experiencing motherhood and might see signs of #PPD.

Baby Jack is now a healthy, adorable and witty 4 1/2 year old boy with a sassy, gorgeous and busy 2 1/2 year old sister named Bailey that continue to keep me on my toes. I couldn't imagine a life without them and feel blessed for all that I am given and the successes that continue to come our way. I personally feel the best I have felt in years and will continue to take care of ME to be the best wife, mommy and woman I can be. #LemonsintoLemonade

If you or someone you know is experiencing anxiety, mood swings, bouts of crying and/or feelings of depression please talk to your doctor or someone you trust.  Another great resource is www.postpartumprogress.com/ that share many other great stories of women who triumph over this.

Iain Loves Baby Jack July 01 2015

Being a CEO and six years old, I tend to work with other interesting kids. This here is Iain and he is a six year old that adores theatre; so much that he has a Facebook page called Iain Loves Theatre. He is the youngest theatre critic around and recently worked with Mr. Perez Hilton to report live on the Red Carpet at the Tony Awards!!!  Our friend Thebabyguynyc told us about him on his page for a kid's product review --- seriously, he's a mini Jamie Grayson ---- and we got in touch to see if he would like to review our loveys. 

Iain informed us of his future trip to Georgia to visit his cousins - a 14 month old (Bella) a set of 6 month old twins and Quad 6 month old cousins. So. Many. Babies!!!! Of course we sent them a few to introduce before he headed back to NYC. 

Check out what Iain has to say about our Baby Jack educational loveys. He personally has the Lion and at age six, still snuggles with it at night just like I do. I told you, our loveys have longevity.  Get yours today at babyjackco.com or click the SHOP button above ^^^

Taking a #springbreak with CEOJack and VPBailey *Giveaway* April 13 2015 24 Comments

My kids do not get much tablet time as they tend to agree on a TV show to watch together which makes after school screen time manageable. I'd like to think in my mommy dream world that after school they miss each other so much that they just want to get along, hang out - not fight or scream or kick or punch or hit. Typically this is the case but it is SPRING BREAK which makes life working at home interesting. Of course after they have alone time, they migrate closer to each other which makes my heart happy. #siblinglove

I decided to reduce work hours to give my kids a lot of attention in the mornings and get out to enjoy Wisconsin Spring weather - all 50 degrees of it. Park dates, play dates, museum trips and out to eat kept #CEOJack and #VPBailey busy all week and in need of alone time in the afternoons. Hello Watch And Roll.

My kids are very into technology. I myself am a tech mom and love my devices so they obviously want to emulate that. We put their tablets inside a Watch And Roll holder and it makes life easier since the kids can hold onto it or we can strap it to the car / stroller or just simply hang it for background noise while they play. I played some fun music to inspire their creativity during their free play time. (Superhero music for Jack and Princess songs for Bailey)

CEOJack with his Watch And Roll and KidoodleTVJack is a gamer - one that is better than my husband. Currently we are very into LEGO everything, Marvel and Mario Brothers which made it so easy to show him KidoodleTV on his tablet.

I have spent many amazing minutes playing LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Harry Potter with this boy and couldn't be more proud of his skills. I understand many do not give their kids access to video games but we try to provide all kinds of stimulation for our children and something we can all enjoy. Also, I secretly wish he takes on my love for Harry Potter and I can have someone to share this interest with!!

Whenever Jack needed a break from his sister, he would get screen time watching a Mario Brothers cartoon or playing Angry Birds. Since he is a tech kid, we have to limit his time and KidoodleTV allows that with a kid timer. This feature is perfect as we can give it in 30 min increments to ensure he doesn't get overload. Sorry kid, the timer says so. Let's turn it off. There was no arguing!


VPBailey with her Watch And Roll and KidoodleTVBailey is a dreamer. She is the most unique and loving little girl who loves everything her brother has and also her Ponies, Barbies and any animal she comes in contact with. She is getting ready for her 4th birthday party so I downloaded Cinderella II on her tablet and she was consumed with it in the car ride, easily strapping he Watch And Roll to my headrest. This enabled her hands free to play/eat and not drop the tablet. Her KidoodleTV choices of course consist of My Little Pony episodes and Pound Puppies. It's exciting to see all the shows that I grew up with are available for her to watch for only $4.99 a month on this ap. I often hand it to her when I have a conference call needing uninterrupted quiet. Again, this KidoodleTV ap has a timer and kids listen to their tablet over mom. It is by far my favorite feature to avoid a meltdown!!


As you can see, both of these products are CEOJack and VPBailey approved and I would love to hear what you and your little ones did to enjoy Spring Break and get a chance to win a Watch And Roll of your own along with 6 months free subscription to KidoodleTV. Download the ap to your phone, get your free 14 day trial and try it out!

To enter to WIN WIN WIN: 1. Click LIKE below our blog post2. Comment on our blog with what you did on Spring Break

Stop by Watch And Roll and KidoodleTV and thank them for the giveaway!

Get 25% off using coupon code BABYJACK25 at checkout here: 


****contest ends Wednesday night 11:59PM PST****



The Birthday Poster Fit For A CEO February 09 2015 12 Comments

Celebrating birthdays in our home takes planning. To me, there is love in the details and I tend to go all out with favors, balloons and décor. It is my standard to have a certain theme and then coordinate all the little things around it.  This year, Jack chose to celebrate his sixth birthday with everything Ninja Turtles.

Party masks, a live box turtle feeding and martial arts ninja training was my plan and I have to say that it was executed flawlessly and was enjoyed by all. More details on the day of the party coming soon! Today, I was to focus on how emotional I am every time my child turns a year older...

CEOJack with his Sticky Bellies The Birthday PosterOne product that I saw months back at a baby industry tradeshow was from our friends Sticky Bellies. Sticky Bellies creates those milestone stickers that you put on a baby onesie (or belly bump) to capture the pictures every month. They are my favorite images of Bailey as she was growing up as you can really see the changes in her first year.

This year Sticky Bellies came out with #thebirthdayposter. The Birthday Poster is a perfect way to capture all the amazing qualities of your child and favorites during his/her year. It also captures height and weight to see how much they have grown over the years and to prove that they are not little anymore.

The day I received The Birthday Poster in the mail and opened the roll, I was emotional. I was reflecting on the six years as a parent and how far we (my husband and I ) as a couple have come. Our oldest was turning six and this means that in ten years he will drive! Look how FAST six years has gone, imagine the next ten! **panic mode**

After avoiding my emotions for days and finally putting thought into all the amazing things this boy can do and what a great kid he is, I sat down with my husband and together we colored. We joked about who colored better and had competitions (Rock, Paper, Scissor) of who would color what. Honestly,  I didn't think he would sit down and color with me but it was a great moment as a couple; as parents. At that moment, The Birthday Poster was more than a milestone maker, it was reassurance for the both of us that we are doing a great job.

Fast forward to the day of celebrating our #smallestCEO, #CEOJack. He was elated to see how "tall" he was and thought it was cool that he could actually read words from the poster and got to sign his name. His first real autograph!!! Sticky Bellies The Birthday Poster will be cherished for years to come, and hopefully this autograph will be worth money some day!

Now is your chance to WIN The Birthday Poster by Sticky Bellies for your child's next birthday!!!

1) Click LIKE below our blog post to tell others via Facebook about their amazing products!

2) Visit Sticky Bellies Facebook and check out their milestone stickers. Comment on our blog with your favorite Baby Jack lovey and Sticky Bellies combination!

3) Follow our Pinterest boards and PIN this post, tag @babyjackco

Shop CEOJack's Golden Birthday Collection via Bumblebean! February 05 2015

Wearing Swimzip & Swimming like Sharks at Country Springs Waterpark // Giveaway! February 05 2015 17 Comments

CEOJack celebrates his birthday week in fashion. His school had an in-service day for teachers on Monday February 2nd and he requested that we go to the local Waterpark as a family, the one with the BIG Yellow slide!

Country Springs Waterpark is located in Waukesha, off of I94 in between Delafield and Milwaukee. It has over 45,000 square feet of fun with geysers, slides, a lazy river, an activity pool and lily pad (that Jack was brave enough to master!)  It was a perfect setting after experiencing one of their worst snowfalls of our Wisconsin Winter.

First things first, we had to find our swimsuits. Our family does not enter a pool or venture to the beach without staying sun safe in our #swimzip swimwear. My kids are fair skinned and tend to burn easily and I simply try everything to keep them safe from the rays. Of course Country Springs Waterpark is indoors, but we do not own any other suits which means Swimzip is #CEOJack and #VPBailey approved. Soon enough this Mama will get to pick out her own from their NEW women's line!

Jack still fits into his very first pair of Swimzips, his Shark attack trunks which seems fitting given our experience with Shark Tank. Did you know that Swimzip was on Shark Tank too? I am happy to say that the owner Betsy is a friend and they did an amazing job pitching to the Sharks. They have had amazing growth and coming out with more adorable prints! Check it out here.

Finally arriving at the Waterpark with the kids' Nana and Papa, who drove down from Madison for the day, the kids immediately ran to the Big Yellow Slide. I wish I would have counted how many times that they actually went down, it had to be well over 100.

I have to admit, Country Springs Waterpark makes you channel your inner child because Jack and Bailey convinced me and their Nana to go down that slide too!  I have pictures and video to prove it :)  Here is Nana's FIRST TIME EVER going down a waterslide! The kids must have watched this (with pride) well over 100 times.

After several hours of waterpark fun, delicious pizza from their snack bar and many provided towels, our kids were exhausted. We took it easy on the Lazy River, rode The Big Yellow Slide 100's of times, conquered the Lily Pad crossing and got soaked by the Big Bucket of Water. We experienced all that this amazing facility has to offer and beyond. We enjoyed quality family time with made memories with our kids and we couldn't have kicked off CEOJack's birthday week in a better way!


Thank you Country Springs Waterpark for sponsoring this post and making our family's day so special. We will be returning to your hotel and waterpark soon!


Country Springs Waterpark and Hotel is excited to give away a (4) pack of tickets to their Waterpark facility to one local family.

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// ALL #babyjackfans can enter 2 WIN SWIMZIP GIVEAWAY //
Also, we have partnered with Swimzip and they are kind enough to give out (4) $20 gift cards to (2) lucky people - 1 for you and 1 for a friend!  To enter to WIN 1 of 4 $20 gift cards to Swimzip, comment on our Facebook post with what suit you would buy and TAG your friend who you want to win too! Also, stop by their page to say hello!!!

Added BONUS - our friends at Packable Pales will be giving all 4 people a FREE sand pail!


Win 4 Pack Disney on Ice Treasure Trove Tickets in Milwaukee February 01 2015 33 Comments

CEOJack, the boy behind the Baby Jack and Company brand celebrates his GOLDEN BIRTHDAY this week!  Jack turns SIX on the 6th of February and we wanted to give our #babyjackfans a unique opportunity to win some of Jack's favorite products and also from brands that have helped our growing business.

Since both of our kids (CEOJack and VPBailey) are celebrating GOLDEN BIRTHDAYS in 2015, we will be taking our family to the happiest place on earth in the fall ,showing our #disneyside at Disney World Florida and #babyjackfans will get to join in on all the fun with giveaways, discounts and more!  To kick off our GOLDEN BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY, Baby Jack has partnered with Disney on Ice to send our family and YOURS to this week's Disney on Ice Treasure Trove show at the UW Milwaukee Panther Arena!  Check out the video below!




Baby Jack and Company wants to see your #disneyside. To enter to win the family of four pack tickets to Disney on Ice Treasure Trove at the UW Milwaukee Panther Arena for February 5, 2015 through February 8, 2015 - you must be a resident of Milwaukee or surrounding areas and have the means of transportation for travel to show.

EXCLUSIVE: 20% off any item on our website with code GOLDENBOY

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Enter to Win Disney on Ice Tickets from Babyjackandcompany.comDiscover endless riches when Disney On Ice presents Treasure Trove comes to your hometown!  Disney On Ice sets the gold standard with its newest skating spectacular.  Get tangled up in Disney’s 50th animated feature with Rapunzel and Flynn and enter the worlds of your other favorite Disney princesses –Tiana, Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Mulan and of course, the one who started it all, Snow White.  Ahoy, Mateys!  Set sail with Peter Pan, the always sassy Tinker Bell and the cantankerous Captain Hook & his pirate pals on an adventure beyond Never Land!  Trek the wilds of Africa with Simba, Nala, Pumbaa and Timon as they discover the true meaning of the 'Circle of Life.'  Tick-Tock!  Tick-Tock!  Don’t be late to a very important date with Alice & the Mad Hatter as they march with the Queen of Hearts' Army Of Cards.  Be sure to see this show full of memories guaranteed to last a lifetime.


Proud to be an American January 25 2015

My husband and I went and saw American Soldier in the theatres and I personally thought the script, acting and message is Oscar Worthy. Bradley Cooper portrayed Chris Kyle, AKA The Legend, former Navy Seal and sniper.

14x18 American Flag Sensory Tag Baby BlanketI have never been to a movie where it was a packed house and a feeling of support for our military. This audience was unique. It consisted of seniors, veterans and perhaps parents of those serving. It has been a long time since I have gone to a movie without kids or opted out of a romantic comedy but I was well aware that this captive audience was there for the right reason.


It is exciting for me to announce that we are creating and mass producing our American Flag lovey - to sell online as well to our military stores - hoping to bring some comfort to soldiers and families that have a great distance between one another.  

Our military needs more support. I was taught at a young age to respect and help those that protect and serve. After seeing this movie - and reading vulgar reviews and tweets - I am proud to say that our company is big on supporting those that fight hard for our country. Our 14x18 sensory American Flag lovey will serve as a constant support to those that give us all the opportunity to be free.

TheBabyGuyNYC Veda Lane Loves her Lovey January 17 2015

I received this adorable video from friends Jennifer and Jamie of TheBabyGuyNYC. Apparently baby Veda has taken to her whale ABC lovey and here's a video of her playing with it. Watching it makes me want another babe!!

The Holiday Gear Guide by TheBabyGuyNYC November 26 2014

Educational Sensory Tag Blanket in Holiday Guide for TheBabyGuyThis morning we woke up to see in our inbox a letter from Jamie Grayson, TheBabyGuyNYC. He just released his very first Happy Hour newsletter and a Holiday Gear Guide that features top brands including Baby Jack!


We are elated to sponsor Jamie's very first Happy Hour newsletter to his 120,000 subscribers. His niece Veda has our Whale ABC lovey and it is one of her favorites. It's an ultimate high point in our business knowing that a well respected person in the baby and child industry loves our brand and puts it in the same category as Beco, Tula, Nested Bean and more!


Read it and get an exclusive discount + savings on other brands. Happy shopping!



#CEOJack approved - Brick Loot Lego Subscription November 13 2014

Brick Loot surprised #CEOJack with the November box full of LEGOs. Upon opening it, he was in awe

1) getting mail is cool

2) getting a box full of LEGOs = everything is Awesome!

Jack kept asking why someone would send him mail and how they knew he loves to play with LEGOs. I explained to him (in kid speak) that Brick Loot is a company sending curated boxes of LEGOs to kids and adults every month. This company searches for new and innovative building products that their audience will enjoy. For a low monthly fee Brick Loot ensures you stay busy! 

Brick Loot's December box will be ready to ship so everyone needs to hurry and subscribe in order for it to arrive. This is their BIG LAUNCH for this new brand so the first box will be a great kickoff to kid entrepreneur CEOParker Krex's hobby turned business!  

Baby Jack and Company Brick Loot Review CEOJack LegosJack opened his Brick Loot with glee. Immediately squealing when he noticed a ROBOT he could build. My only regret was showing him this before dinner because he simply couldn't move without exploring everything.


We took our time with our loot. Jack's dad helped him with the 12+ airplane and it's proudly on display next to his racing Sausages. He contributed (and dictated) following all directions.

Jack has received LEGOs as gifts many times from the store but took extra notice of this box. Not sure if it was because he wasn't aware of it, didn't know the sender or received something for once from the mailman (unlike my usual blanket deliveries) but it was a hit!

If you are looking for a great gift, created by a kid entrepreneur who wants to share his love of LEGOs, order a monthly subscription to Brick Loot. You -and your child- will not be disappointed. Get 10% off with code Jack









Now is your chance to WIN the December box full of loot.

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Winner announced Sunday Nov 16.

Baby Jack on Shark Tank! November 06 2014

#shadowsharktank featured entrepreneurs that attended the US Cellular Shark Tank Casting Call for Season 6.

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TheBabyGuyNYC November 04 2014

On Wednesday November 5th Jamie Grayson told his audience about Baby Jack. Our new educational lovey has finally arrived and #babyjackfans all over are the first to receive it.  Thank you Jamie for helping us #spreadtheloveyThe Baby Guy NYC and Baby Jack


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