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Kelley Legler

Baby Jack on Shark Tank!

#shadowsharktank featured entrepreneurs that attended the US Cellular Shark Tank Casting Call for Season 6.In July 2014 Jack, Bailey, my mother in law Nancy and I ventured to Milwaukee's open casting call at the Milwaukee Art Museum and we had the pleasure to audition for Shark Tank Season 6. It was a fun and thrilling experience that turned into a lot of press and open doors for our Baby Jack brand. I was elated that US Cellular would bring Shark Tank Casting Calls to #Milwaukee as they sponsored this year's open casting and having it in our backyard at the Milwaukee Art Museum made this mom's audition with...

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Little Hip Squeaks feature

Casi Densmore-Koon from CupcakeMAG guest blogged on Little Hip Squeaks blog about what's in her Lily Jade Diaper bag and it included our Yellow Circles Lovey!  

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