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My Baby Tyler Starts Kindergarten.

Laurie Cepkauskas

Today my BABY starts kindergarten.

He will spend more time with his teacher and his peers than with me. Will he be kind? Will he be funny? Will he be respectful? Will he be scared? Will the bus make it to school safe? 

The reason I think new kindergarten moms are so scared is because it’s the first time we are letting our babies fly. Putting them out into the world and pray that everything we have taught them, every behavior we have modeled will be there. Instilled in their brain.

Tyler is going to be exposed to new things.

I can’t protect him from everything anymore.Our bubble has burst and I can’t shield his eyes or cover his ears for all the cruel things this world will show him. But what I can do is hope that I have done a good enough job these last five years so he will be ready and confident. I hope he knows that Mommy is ALWAYS there for him and I pray that he continues to never be afraid to ask me questions. 

Daily I will continue life lessons and remind him to be KIND.

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Kindergarten is the start of more growing and development for him. Making friends and evolving as a human being. It has been exciting to watch him help teach his sister and teach me, as his mother but now it is HIS time. He needs this. He deserves this. 

But he’s scared to go. I’m scared to let him go.


I suppose this is natural and good nerves taking over and something we will all get through together. I will continue to show him my pride and excitement for him starting this new journey when all I want to do is cry! Like other moms, I will be sitting around ALL DAY thinking about his first day and missing him. 

I don’t want to blink anymore. Where did my baby go?

Today you become a kindergartner. Remember to be kind but strong. Tender by courageous. Smart but humble.  I love you Tyler John and I''m so proud of the young boy you have become! 

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