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Promoted to Godmother!

Promoted to Godmother!

I am the middle of three daughters. I was the first to get married and the first to have children. My older sister Rebecca is due with my very first nephew this fall!!! Deno Richard is due to arrive around October 19th! It’s so different when it’s your own sister who is pregnant. I find myself so excited as if it’s my own! When she hurts I hurt, when she celebrates I celebrate! I cannot control my shopping and am actually spoiling him already with all the new baby products out there. I know my kids are so excited to have another cousin live so close to them and it will be great to see the bond they develop. 

Tyler has been asking for another baby brother or sister so hopefully my nephew will hold him over. I’m so thrilled my sister is getting her happily every after with a picture perfect husband who treats her like gold. Family parties are going to keep growing and growing and I’m so happy to see and experience all of it. 

Today we threw my sister a shower and was surprised to be honored to be offered the role of Godmother to my future nephew Deno Richard. By the HUGE smile on my face, you can tell I accepted! Thank you to my sister Rebecca and brother in law Derek for entrusting me with this title. Sweet Deno, Auntie Laurie cannot wait to hold you & like any true Fairy Godmother, I promise to help make all your dreams come true! 

Just like my own kids, Deno is going to be showered with LOVEYS from Baby Jack so he can grow up finding fun shapes throughout all their educational prints and play with the ribbon tags. Help us bring comfort to kids at Ronald McDonald House by grabbing your own lovey with code TYLER5K and Baby Jack will donate one! 

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  • Renee Starr

    Congrats Laurie! So happy for you and the new parents! You will be the best Godmother!

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