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Meeting Milestones On Her Own Time

Meeting Milestones On Her Own Time

This week marked our last visit at the neurodevelopment clinic.  They assess Emily and see where she is physically and mentally. This meeting always leaves a pit in my stomach because it’s full of all the things she SHOULD be doing but is NOT doing. 

I got home and pulled out Tyler’s baby book. I obsessively start going through it. “When did he take his first steps?” “When did he stand unassisted?” “When did he drink from a cup?” 

Emily is 2.5 years old and Tyler reached all of those milestones before his first birthday. I took his baby book and put it back on the shelf. Because that is HIS book and Emily is writing her OWN book! No two books should ever look the same and we as parents should know this. Every child and person is unique with their own abilities and that includes Emily. 

Emily is crawling in her own little way but it gets her to where she needs to go. She’s able to verbalize commands with the use of sign language and her personality has exploded in the last couple weeks! She will meet her milestones but she will meet them when she is good and ready. Until then, we continue to support her with a variety of ways to help her GROW more. 

Stats before & after surgery

Weight:  was 23lbs 2oz and is now 25lbs 6oz. That means she went from the 10th% to the 50-75th% (on the typical chart
Length: was 32&3/4 inches and is now 34 inches. That means she went from the 12th to the 15th% (on the Down Syndrome chart)
Head: 43&3/4 to 46 inches. That means she went from less than 1% to the 8%  (on the Down Syndrome chart)

She is at the 50-75%tile on the Down syndrome chart. Strong and healthy!

All in all, this surgery has done wonders for her growth! Her heart NOT needing to work as hard and has allowed her body to grow. We will continue to give her the tools to help with cognitive, social and emotional development like her Learning Lovey by Baby Jack and her therapy toys. If you have any other ideas, please share them in comments!! 


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  • Barbara Lyzwa

    I have following Emily since she was born😄 god bless her and her family❤️ Beautiful family you are💕

  • Pat Mumma

    I have been following Emily since she was born. Wonderful seeing her growth. She certainly is a strong little girl. I look forward to seeing all her triumphs in the future. Go Emily!!!

  • Amber

    I have followed Emily since she was born. She has came a long way. God bless her precious little heart

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