Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti.

Laurie Cepkauskas

This is Emily. Beautiful, sassy and adores her Baby Jack loveys. She has Down Syndrome and a Congenital Heart Defect. Her mom Laurie of Emily's Heart (FB and IG) is a writer and contributor to Team Baby Jack. 

My medically fragile child is just like any other child because she knows how to throw a tantrum. If we are not preparing her food fast enough she screams. If she wants to take a bath and the tub isn’t filling fast enough or if we take away a toy, she screams!!! She is a typical two and a half year old who likes to show her sass. 

On the flip side, she feels typical emotions just like your child. She knows she loves Mommy and she will crawl through fire and glass to get to me. Her brother is also her hero. He’s always there to give her a nice big belly laugh and stick up for her when anyone is unkind. He sees her beauty.

Their relationship is one of my greatest blessings in life. 

Tyler came home from school very upset. I asked him what happened and he said that another kid on the bus said his sister was gross. I asked him if it was because she was a girl and maybe he thinks girls are gross. Tyler then said “no mom, he said it’s because she has Down syndrome.”

A million things raced through my head. I was furious, sad, confused. How could This be happening already!? They’re 5 years old! So i had planned to get on my soap box on the importance of speaking and educating your kids on everyone’s different abilities.

I’ll let my 5 year old tell you because his voice is loud and deserves to be heard too!

Tyler's voice:
❤️ Someone on the bus called my sister gross and that broke my heart because she’s so cute 
❤️You bullies out there should learn to think before you speak
❤️people with Down syndrome are just like you and me
❤️ Big brother will always protect you
❤️ Be kind to everyone.

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