Designing for Down Syndrome Awareness

Team Baby Jack

Baby Jack & Co. is a business based out of Milwaukee that creates educational, sensory tag toys and blankets for kids of all ages. We are the only company that puts the extra love into sewing all the ribbon tags shut so little fingers do not get stuck. We also create our own fabric designs, making them educational so this comfort object can grow with a child. Our prints have evolved by bringing awareness and reaching more families in need. It has been a labor of love to teach and bring comfort along with raising awareness for causes important to our followers and give back to communities. 

The awareness on our designs grew with the prayer / scripture "For this Child I Have Prayed" lovey since owner Kelley of Baby Jack literally prayed for Finn of Prayers for Finn. The Awareness Collection grew to support children with heart defects, diagnosed with Autism, NICU patients and military families. Since Laurie, mom of Emily of Emily's Heart joined Team Baby Jack as a writer, she inspired us to create a Down Syndrome Awareness Lovey and now it's available to grab for PRE-ORDER - arriving end of September. 

Emily is Laurie's 2 1/2 year old miracle baby who was born with a severe heart defect and trisomy 21. She has brought so much love and light to her family and mom is a BIG advocate for Down Syndrome and CHD Awareness. 

We always knew there was a piece of our Awareness Collection missing and with the help of Laurie, we designed something that fits into our educational patterns. We specifically designed it to represent the 3rd copy of the 21st chromosome! incorporating numbers and shapes and blue/yellow tags! It is the perfect lovey for a family who has been lucky enough to have been blessed with an EXTRA-ordinary child! 

We hope that this Down Syndrome Awareness lovey brings comfort to children, connects families and creates a conversation about awareness when others see their EXTRA-ordinary child holding it. Stay tuned for Emily pictures who will be featured on this product's tag!

As a small business who tries to do BIG things, we hope that you will help how support and spread the word // SHARE // and help us raise awareness and bring comfort to more kids.

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  • I ordered one and cannot wait to get it. I am eager to get it to my granddaughter.

    Marilyn Miller

  • I ordered one and cannot wait to get it. I am eager to get it to my granddaughter.

    Marilyn Miller

  • I am so happy you have added the Down Syndrome Taggie and I have been asking how to get you to do this. Thanks so much! My 11 month granddaughter has Down Syndrome and CHD and had Open Heart Surgery when she was 1.5 months old. When will this be available for sale?

    Marilyn Miller

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