Becoming a Grandmother

Laurie Cepkauskas

I have always loved the quote, “the only thing better than having you for a mom is my kids having you as a grandmother.” My mom is my best friend. She is the first one I call for everything which is why it’s no surprise that Tyler calls her first for everything too! When Emily is in the hospital she is right there by my side so I’m not alone.

My husband of course would be there if we weren’t blessed with her but someone has to pay the bills. Am I right?!

I recently sat down with my mom and asked her what is so different about being a grandma and opposed to being a mom. She said “we get to experience all the fun stuff without having to be the disciplinary.” She also urged how amazing it was to see her own daughter be a mother. She said it’s one of her the most amazing things to watch.

I also asked her what becoming a grandparent has taught her. She said it taught her to slow down! She learned patience and learned that your heart never stop growing. 

My mother has taught me to never give up. No matter how hard things get, you stand tall and firm. You fight for what is right and it’s OK that your kids might hate you at times! But it’s also okay to be their friend sometimes. It’s learning the balance between the two that make a brilliant mother.

If I could be HALF the mom my mom was, then my kids would be the luckiest kids in the world. I vow to continue traditions from when I was little like the first time we plugged in the Christmas tree or my mom waiting for me to get off the bus. Those are the moments from my childhood that make me all warm and fuzzy. The little things in life should never be taken for granted.

Thank you mom for being the best friend I always wanted and the smack in the back of the head when I needed it. Happy Grandparents Day!

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  • You are truly blessed laura to have a mumshe sounds amazing your also an amazi g woman very inspirational i was fostered as a child i dont have parents since i was 16 i am now 47 but i am a mum of three beautiful children and we are waiting to foster permanent care children x

    Louise Briggs

  • My mom was my best friend. It was not always easy but she definitely brought out the best in me. My mom has passed away to a totally different life that she was in. She is my Angel. Miss her everyday but I do know she is with me.


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