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Be a Unicorn in a Field of Horses

Be a Unicorn in a Field of Horses

Being an advocate for Down syndrome and congenital heart disease is my passion. I am on a mission to allow the rest of the world to see my daughter through my eyes, eventually seeing how perfect she is. As a mom, I struggle with what more i could or should be doing. We all do right? But I can assure you that every mom in the world feels that way. I just hope they look back one day and say “my mom never gave up!” I will fight for what is right for as long as i have to. 

“Tyler always says he loves Emily to infinity and he hopes the rest of the world will love her like he does. He may not look like a typical super hero but I can assure you he is!"

Her big brother Tyler doesn’t understand just yet that his sister is unlike her peers and we hope to keep it that way as long as we can. We know that at some point he will start to notice differences but right now, she is just his little sister and he couldn't show more love for her!  Yesterday Tyler was named the "everyday superhero" on the Koz & Jen radio show recognizing how patient and supportive he is as an older sibling. We definitely teach him this compassion as his parents and hope others teach their children too!

Recently, I was speaking with a 7th grade teacher and she said that in order to save money for a recent field trip, they ordered a half bus. But to her surprise, the children didn’t want to take the “short bus” because people would think they were “special.” Hearing this broke my heart and only lit the flame inside me to burn brighter and to make sure to fight harder. We have so much to teach about differences and children with unique abilities! We need to encourage everyone to find the BEAUTY in all things and want others to be a UNICORN in a field of horses!

To our readers, please continue on our journey with an open mind. We have good days and bad and I share them all via our Emily's Heart page. I do not sugar coat our journey because I want to be true to who we are and why we started. Please  come along on this beautiful journey with us and enjoy this sweet girl through our eyes and if you are in need of a great children's gift created by a company that promotes acceptance, comfort and education, please use code EMILYSHEART for 25% off. 

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