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My Daughter's Down Syndrome Diagnosis

My Daughter's Down Syndrome Diagnosis

I remember vivid details from the day of my daughter's diagnosis.

The time was 2:07 PM. It was a Monday afternoon in December. It was a cold, winter day and Tyler was content playing with his trains on the floor. I was thirty-three weeks and two days pregnant when I learned Emily would be born with Down Syndrome. 

Four words that had changed my life forever were heard on the other end of the phone, “it’s positive for downs”. The moments following moved slow and my breathing halted. My body went numb.

He might as well just told me that my baby had no heart beat. My daughter was just taken away from me. A future I had envisioned. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t function. I started to mourn the life I thought I would have with her.  I was terrified of who she would be and what she would or would not accomplish. I cried more tears than I ever knew possible.

I never once questioned if I loved her. My love is strong.

I’ll be honest, those tears and fears didn’t fade, they just transformed into normal parenting fears. I have had tremendous guilt that I ever doubted her or who she would be or become but from the moment I held her in my arms on January 30th, 2016, I knew that her diagnosis wouldn't define her. She is my beautiful, inspiring daughter Emily who happens to have Down Syndrome.

Today as a mother of a daughter who happens to have a Down Syndrome diagnosis, I stand tall and proud. I can shout from the rooftops the amazingness that is my daughter Emily and all she has taught me so far as her mother.  She has lifted up so many people and in my eyes (and many others via her prayer page Emily's Heart) she is perfect!  

Being born with an extra chromosome means Emily has more to love!  

 💙 💛 💙 

As a parent who has a child who happens to have Down Syndrome, I have found many resources available to parents like me. One in particular is The National Association for Down Syndrome (N.A.D.S.)They have a basket program to welcome new families into the Trisomy 21 world! These baskets include things for mom, baby, dad and siblings that are meant to bring joy and comfort during their journey. Emily and I believe the Down Syndrome Baby Jack lovey would be the perfect addition to these baskets!

This lovey fabric design raises awareness and teaches different aspects of the Trisomy 21 world --- 1, 2, 3 chromosomes, the Blue and Gold colors that represent Down Syndrome and the ^^^ three arrows pointing upward to represent going onward and upward or the "launch forward, when we are pulled back and stretched". 

Donate a Down Syndrome Lovey here (dropdown box Donate) and enter code KIND to remove shipping. No matter the address entered, it will be shipped direct to Emily and donated to N.A.D.S. welcome baskets! 

If you personally have an organization near and dear to you to donate to, please reach out to and join our team to bring AWARENESS to Down Syndrome and collect loveys for your non profit or simply gift one to a family you know. Anyone can show that Kindness is Contagious. 

Laurie (Emily's Mom) is on Team Baby Jack and writes for our blogs. Follow her other contributions here!


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