Heart Warrior Finn Inspires So Many To Be Kind July 23 2016

A #babyjackfan and mother decides to give back to the hospital that saved her son's life and the families that she connected with. Over the past year, Prayers for Finn followers have donated over 900 Baby Jack loveys to #spreadthelovey. Finn even inspired the Baby Jack brand to create a Prayer lovey with scripture For This Child I Have Prayed and feature him on the product tag days after he had his open heart surgery. Owner of Baby Jack continues to work with kids with unique abilities for inspiration to design their products and incorporate in their cause marketing to raise awareness for families and their organizations. 

Kelly and Michael Blumenthal found out about their second son Finn's congenital heart defects early in the pregnancy. If their baby survived birth, they were told he may not make it past the age of three and would have many complications. Doctors suggested to terminate the pregnancy but Finn's parents decided to give him a fighting chance with the help of UVA Children's Hospital and their talented medical staff. 

Finley Noah Blumenthal has repeatedly and successfully defied the odds since he was born on January 2, 2015 and continues to hit his milestones. Days ago he just took his first steps and during his first year of life, Finn had ten surgeries, including one open heart surgery. Through thick and thin, his mother Kelly has documented their family's journey on Finn's Facebook page, and their story has touched the hearts of tens of thousand prayer followers. 

Determined to give back to the place that gave her family hope and care when they needed it most, Kelly supports UVA Children's Hospital through a variety of fundraisers and awareness campaigns including the Baby Jack Spreadthelovey Kindness Project.

Kelly has been a long time #babyjackfan and follower of the brand. She requested custom items for son Mason and a special comfort blanket for Finn during his UVA hospital stay. Knowing how great these items bring a child comfort, Kelly wanted to give back during Finn's first open heart surgery and brought in 300+ donations to hand out during his surgery.

One year following, together Kelly and owner of Baby Jack created a unique Shark Lovey to coincide with Finn's motto Just Keep Swimming and Kelly delivered 300 more loveys following Shark Week.

Finn continues to inspire so many and work with many organizations to donate to great causes locally in Fredericksburg and to UVA Children's. He defies the odds and makes you look at life as a warrior --- proving that his name Finn lives up to the meaning "Warrior". 

Here's Kelly and her FBLive post delivering to UVA on Friday July 22, 2016 :

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