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#spreadthelovey Inspiration August 21 2016

Our kindness reps collect blankets for a cause that is near and dear to their heart. Their inspiration comes from places. One of our reps shares her inspiration.

"My WHY is my son. When I was 20 weeks pregnant and had a ultra sound they found a hole in Noah’s heart. I had to go multiple times for echos and ultra sounds so they could keep watching it. They told me that he had a large VSD that wouldn't close on its own and also that his arch was to narrow. I was terrified for what could happen and what was going to happen. They cardiologist sat my fiancé, mom and I down and explained everything and told us to prepare for what was going to happen.. My son was going to need open heart surgery at 4 months. I broke down no mother wants to hear that her baby was going to need a major open heart surgery. As days past I went to my obgyn appointment ( I was 28 weeks) and I was dilated already and thinning out so I was put on strict bed rest February 8th 2016. I then had to go twice a week for stress tests and ultra sounds to check on Noah because they thought he was going to come early. My water broke April 17th the day I was supposed to go in to be induced. I still had to be induced that night and Noah arrived April 18th at 8:56am I got to hold him for a few minutes and then they had to take him to get a echo done immediately. I had to go back to my room but my fiancé got to go with Noah to the nest and watch him get his echo done. Then they had to take him up to the 10th floor to be monitored and put on IVs. Finally after a few hours when he was all settled in his room we were allowed to go and see him and hold him. It was so sad to see my baby hooked up to all those machines. After a while we talked to multiple doctors and nurses about Noah condition and when he will need the surgery come to find out he needed it ALOT sooner than we thought because it was life threating. Noah had his open heart surgery at just 5 days old and it was honestly the hardest time of my life. As we were waiting in the waiting room a very nice lady came in with her daughter and handed us a gift bag and a card. It had pop, water, snacks, cards, toothpaste, soap, a hat for Noah, a notebook and a gift card for burger king. I was so happy that someone that I didn't even know came in to find our family and donate a care package. That made are day so much better. We stayed in the hospital for a total of 3 weeks so I know how extremely hard it is! Everyone going through their baby getting open heart surgery needs support and comfort. While being there Noah was gifted a heart lovey from baby jack co "spread the lovey campaign" and he loves it! It brings him so much comfort. I then decided that I wanted to be a Kindness rep for Motts childrens hospital in Michigan because I wanted to spread comfort, kindness and love to babies and families going through such a hard time!! It would mean the world to me to go back there and donate a lovey to a heart warrior recovering from open heart surgery just like my son."

Donate at spreadthelovey.com to bring comfort to a child in need. 



Johns Hopkins Lovey Drop-Off August 10 2016


One of our goals with #spreadthelovey is to create a support network for families facing difficult challenges. One of our kindness reps recently shared her inspiration to collect loveys for her local hospital. Read her inspiration in our recent Facebook post. 


Heart Warrior Finn Inspires So Many To Be Kind July 23 2016

A #babyjackfan and mother decides to give back to the hospital that saved her son's life and the families that she connected with. Over the past year, Prayers for Finn followers have donated over 900 Baby Jack loveys to #spreadthelovey. Finn even inspired the Baby Jack brand to create a Prayer lovey with scripture For This Child I Have Prayed and feature him on the product tag days after he had his open heart surgery. Owner of Baby Jack continues to work with kids with unique abilities for inspiration to design their products and incorporate in their cause marketing to raise awareness for families and their organizations. 

Kelly and Michael Blumenthal found out about their second son Finn's congenital heart defects early in the pregnancy. If their baby survived birth, they were told he may not make it past the age of three and would have many complications. Doctors suggested to terminate the pregnancy but Finn's parents decided to give him a fighting chance with the help of UVA Children's Hospital and their talented medical staff. 

Finley Noah Blumenthal has repeatedly and successfully defied the odds since he was born on January 2, 2015 and continues to hit his milestones. Days ago he just took his first steps and during his first year of life, Finn had ten surgeries, including one open heart surgery. Through thick and thin, his mother Kelly has documented their family's journey on Finn's Facebook page, and their story has touched the hearts of tens of thousand prayer followers. 

Determined to give back to the place that gave her family hope and care when they needed it most, Kelly supports UVA Children's Hospital through a variety of fundraisers and awareness campaigns including the Baby Jack Spreadthelovey Kindness Project.

Kelly has been a long time #babyjackfan and follower of the brand. She requested custom items for son Mason and a special comfort blanket for Finn during his UVA hospital stay. Knowing how great these items bring a child comfort, Kelly wanted to give back during Finn's first open heart surgery and brought in 300+ donations to hand out during his surgery.

One year following, together Kelly and owner of Baby Jack created a unique Shark Lovey to coincide with Finn's motto Just Keep Swimming and Kelly delivered 300 more loveys following Shark Week.

Finn continues to inspire so many and work with many organizations to donate to great causes locally in Fredericksburg and to UVA Children's. He defies the odds and makes you look at life as a warrior --- proving that his name Finn lives up to the meaning "Warrior". 

Here's Kelly and her FBLive post delivering to UVA on Friday July 22, 2016 :

Join our Kindness Project Spreadthelovey. Email kaley@babyjackblankets.com and tell your story. You could be picked to bring comfort to so many kids in your community! 

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Fly high sweet angel Zailynn. May 15 2016

Today I saw a cardinal. It flew next to my car as our family drove our Sunday drive. When I returned home and checked my facebook timeline I received the news that one of our #babyjackfan #spreadthelovey kids passed and received her angel wings. It was all too surreal when I think about it. This little girl symbolized so much about how we all need to slow down and just live in the moment. Often times I see cardinals that give me that inner peace knowing that I need to take it all in and slow my pace. This morning was one of those days.    

Zailynn was diagnosed with a terminal illness SMA and her family is from Neenah, WI. With our sensory tag blankets, we tend to donate many of them to children in need as it is a great developmental tool and form of comfort for kids. Zailynn received our Prayer lovey and a Throw Kindness like Confetti lovey because she literally radiated all things happy. 

Her family decided to create a bucket list of things to Her family decided to create a bucket list of things to do with and for their daughter given her terminal diagnosis. If you looked at mom Katie's facebook page, it is clear that they put a lot of love and thought into it. They didn't hold back. They live in the moment and take it all in. 

With her passing and gaining her angel wings, Zailynn and her story will live on. Their family will be able to hold onto all those amazing memories they created with her and smile knowing they touched so many hearts.  Much love, light and prayers go out to you Katie, Cory, Xzander - family and followers of the Zailynn Mars 


Family reaches out to help others-even as they prepare for baby's heart surgery February 11 2016


...As Finn’s surgery approached, his mom had an idea. Instead of spending eight hours anxiously waiting for Finn to get out of surgery, she would spend the time having lion loveys distributed for other children in the same hospital.

Hospital social workers will hand out the blankets, along with notes about Finn and the project. And Kelly will ask parents to email her and let her know they’ve received the blankets. She hopes that the emails will come in while she’s waiting for the surgery to end.

“I don’t want to be sitting waiting in fear, I want to be inspired,” she said. “I’d love to know every couple of minutes a social worker is walking in a room with parents who are going through the same thing as me and letting them know they are not alone.”

She expected to have 20 loveys for donation. But so far, more than 100 have been donated, so many that Legler ran out of lion loveys and is now using other designs.

“Every time a donation comes in, I’m crying,” Legler said. “I box everything up to send, I’m crying. But it’s a good cry, it’s a wonderful feeling. It’s a lot of joy and a bit surreal.”

Finn’s mom also had trouble believing the outpouring.

“I got 106 loveys in 24 hours, random strangers were donating 10 at a time,” Kelly said. “I was sitting at a gas station and checked my email, and saw there were more than 100 donations. I thought I was going to have a heart attack.”

She hopes to keep collecting loveys, to donate in the weeks at Charlottesville during Finn’s recovery. Kelly wants to give loveys to other hospital patients and to other families staying at the Ronald McDonald House.