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FREE Wristy Buddy with any $25 + lovey purchase via May 09 2016

Wristy Buddy is a wrist teether plush toy that is a cousin of Baby Jack loveys. They provide teething comfort to babies and are a fan favorite. Take this opportunity to purchase a lovey and we will add in a FREE Wristy Buddy as we need your feedback!

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What's in a Name? February 17 2016

Recently we partnered with to gift parents to be a lovey of their choice. The fun task was encouraging friends and family to VOTE on a baby's name; the more votes, the better your chances of winning. 

We knew we wanted a strong name for Jack when we got pregnant. I like longer names so we decided on first name: Jackson, middle name: Wayne (4th generation family name). After we found out we were expecting a little girl for our second child, we honestly saw Bailey's Irish cream dessert at Applebees and decided on it. 

Jack and Bailey -- not inspired by alcohol, however if we ever had a third child we would name her Ginny or Samuel Adam :)

What did you name your little one? How did you decide?  Would you allow your family to VOTE on a name!?