25 Ways Your Family Can be Kind That Are Free

25 Ways Your Family Can be Kind That Are Free

Kelley - owner of Baby Jack Kelley - owner of Baby Jack
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Kindness is contagious. Small, simple things that humans can do every day can make a big difference in another life.  Whether it is smiling, opening a door or donating items to help another family - it takes very little to be kind. At Team Baby Jack, we like to sprinkle that goodness everywhere.  We literally designed a fabric print that promotes it and the confetti is made from various shapes. The good that we put out into the world typically comes back like a boomerang so we wanted to share a variety of ways your family can be kind to one another - and strangers - and it won't cost you a dime.

Kindness Confetti Crinkle Tag Square Toy

Kindness Confetti Crinkle Tag Square Toy

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When it comes to being nice, we could all do a little bit more, especially with family. When you practice with those that you love most, then random acts are easily spread that to the community. Here are our personal top five ways to show you care...

1) Compliment one another. It needs to happen more often and we need to be appreciative when we hear something good about ourselves. No strings attached, just a good ole fashioned, you look good - great job at that or I am proud of you. 

2) Give physical affection. A high five, fist bump, hug or kiss can make a day better. In a social media world where likes, hearts and comments are critical, we need to get back to actual - in person - attention and affection.

3) Listen to someone. Showing you care by taking time away from your game, phone or project will make something feel worthy. Humans need validation and stopping for a quick minute to pay attention will do wonders.

4) Gratitude is the attitude that friends and family want to see. Show you are appreciative for someone going out of their way as you never know how their day can be flipped by a simple word of "thanks". 

5) Be a helpful hand. It is difficult to ask for another person to assist in a task so take the initiative and do something for someone - and do it well.  They may reciprocate with a compliment, fist bump or thank you!

With all of these ways to be kind - always look into their eyes. The eyes are the gateway to the soul and it shows so much when eye contact is involved. Try it. Don't be afraid and show someone you truly care!

Ways Your Family Can be Kind

Ways Family Can be Kind

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