Spreading Kindness Through Coloring With Baby Jack

Spreading Kindness Through Coloring With Baby Jack

Kelley - owner of Baby Jack Kelley - owner of Baby Jack
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Spreading Kindness Through Coloring With Baby Jack! International Scribble Day is here - and what better way to celebrate creating other than with kindness?! Color is all around us and enriches toddlers' sensory experiences. Grab a lovey or two - and come create with us and toss kindness like confetti!  Sensory exploration is a beautiful tool for toddlers to experience various play ways that will further their development and help them meet milestones. Baby Jack creates ribbon tag toys for kids in various fabrics. 

Grab a lovey or two and get inspired to scribble and doodle! Spend a day creating your wildest dreams - from castles to flying monkeys there are no limits! Coloring provides a safe emotional outlet for toddlers allowing them to express themselves when they otherwise may not be able to. Along with many other sensory activities, it helps them develop fine motor skills! Get doodling!

Colors of kindness

How did International Scribble Day come to be.. a day? We were wondering the same thing! Inspired by Colors of Kindness, we did some research and we think you'll be surprised how far back doodling and scribbling roots go!

Color of kindness facts

Kelley and her family are the masterminds behind all of the designs you see on the sweet loveys! What would you create? Tag us @babyjackco

Sunshine 10x10 Rainbow Baby Lovey

Sunshine 10x10 Rainbow Baby Lovey

$ 24.95

This lovey showcases the beauty that emerges after the storm. This celebrates the rainbow babies and the journey it took to bring them into our lives.  View this post on Instagram A post shared by Baby Jack |The Learning Lovey™… read more

Baby Jack features many different educational designs of Learning Lovey toys for kids. Our team creates ways to learn from home with simple steps.  If you are looking for a children's gift that can grow and help them self soothe, comfort, educate and entertain, you are in the right place.  We designed this product to have longevity and ensure it is the SAFEST TAG TOY on the market with sewn shut ribbons --- since Baby Jack got his finger stuck when he was nine months old in a looped ribbon. Reach out blog about how Ribbon Loops Give Me Anxiety for more information. 

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