Get Ready to Race with Baby Jack

Get Ready to Race with Baby Jack

Kelley - owner of Baby Jack Kelley - owner of Baby Jack
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Get Ready to Race with Baby Jack! The Daytona 500 is coming up, and we are ready to race! Our Baby Jack family has many racing fans and our loveys get to join in on the racing fun!

Did You Know?

It Took Over a Year To Be Built - It took 15 months to build Daytona International Speedway.(1957-1959)

It’s One of the Largest of Its Kind - It is one of the largest stadiums in the US containing 11 "neighborhoods!"

Follow along with us weekly as we share new and exciting sensory activities for your little one that incorporates our Baby Jack toys. Sensory exploration is a beautiful tool for toddlers to experience a variety of ways to play that will further their development and help to meet milestones. Baby Jack creates ribbon tag toys for kids in various fabrics. Since our Baby Jack family loves racing so much, we made a very special racing flag lovey! 

Get Ready to Race with Baby Jack

Looking for a fun way to incorporate the racing lovey and your toddler's toy cars (where you won't step on them!)?

  • Race different colored cars around the lovey
  • Have your toddler fill each square with a car and count as they go!

Get Ready to Race! Tag us with what you come up with, we love seeing your ideas!

Racing Flag "Start your Engines" Learning Lovey Toy

Racing Flag

$ 19.95

Babies, start your engines!  Vroom!!  This racing flag tag toy will help teach your child at a young age about car racing, NASCAR, Indy500, Formula One, motocross, motorbike races and more.  As your child grows up, the patterns will encourage… read more

Baby Jack features many different educational designs of Learning Lovey toys for kids. Our team creates ways to learn from home with simple steps.  If you are looking for a children's gift that can grow and help them self soothe, comfort, educate and entertain, you are in the right place.  We designed this product to have longevity and ensure it is the SAFEST TAG TOY on the market with sewn shut ribbons --- since Baby Jack got his finger stuck when he was nine months old in a looped ribbon. Reach out blog about how Ribbon Loops Give Me Anxiety for more information. 

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