Designing for Pediatric Cancer with Baby Jack

Designing for Pediatric Cancer with Baby Jack

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Designing for pediatric cancer with Baby Jack started with another boy named Jack. Divine intervention is a feeling that lets you know you are in the right place at the right time. The feeling grounds you and shows how we are all connected. That no matter the struggle of being an entrepreneur, there is real meaning behind our business as we can be of service to others. This feeling occurred when I sat down with a mom named Sarah and recently three days prior when I read an interview of Aaron Rodgers regarding his passion behind supporting children in need, inspired by a boy named Jack from Gold in September® (G9 Project) and his sister Annie.

"I believe that we are a connected people. And it’s not difficult to see that cancer touches all of us."  Aaron Rodgers

Designing for Pediatric Cancer with Baby Jack

Sarah Bartosz sat across from me at my desk and told her story about her son Jack.  Jack was diagnosed with cancer and inspired many (including his twin sister Annie) to raise awareness for childhood cancer and support other families through the I Back Jack Foundation. Shortly after Jack lost his seven year battle, the Bartosz family were determined to GROW GOLD and bring HOPE to children all over, offering support through their foundation - which transformed into Gold in September® (G9 Project). It was the house that Jack built, the project that Annie inspired and a mission The Bartosz family is growing via their new / updated initiative Beat Childhood Cancer.

After producing these GOLD HOPE loveys, we kept excess stock for our own kindness project and the very first child to receive this lovey was one of our first customers, another boy named Jack who had a rare form of stomach cancer and undergoing treatment at Children's Hospital Wisconsin. It was another Jack that kept us grounded.Jackson Poulos G9 Gold in September

My own baby Jack inspired me to create comfort for children of all ages. I noticed he took comfort at night with his ribbons and it soothed him to sleep so I decided to start selling these products, but with a safer option of ribbons sewn shut since ribbon loops give me anxiety

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