Baby Jack Fabrics Used for Masks During Covid

Baby Jack Fabrics Used for Masks During Covid

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Baby Jack shifted gears during the pandemic, like many other small businesses to attempt to help manufacture products for the masses. In order to bring comfort Baby Jack used fabrics for masks during Covid. These were handmade at first due to supply chain shortages, so we created them in the USA using ours soft micro-fiber polyester (breathable) materials which fits most faces. They could easily be adjusted and have ultra soft elastic for the ears. It was important to our company during 2020 to supply safety and comfort for kids, just like we do with our lovey tag toys.

As the kids went back to school, some states and counties were making masks mandatory and it was important to offer children's focused-fabrics in order for kids to feel comfortable keeping it on all day in a classroom.  Our masks were featured in a variety of media posts as one of the best:  Travel & Leisure, Red, Healthline and more!

Baby Jack Used Fabrics for Masks During Covid

Baby Jack's Learning Lovey Window Smile Masks were manufactured overseas and made with BPA free plastic film window for lip reading and speaking visibility, preferred and designed with the help of medical specialists.  

Ms. Dawn, a Pediatric Speech and Language Pathologist helped guide us through the product development process during July 2020 during the pandemic. With her assistance and feedback, we ensured that the soft, breathable fabrics were used for the masks and to allow enough space for the clear smile window to show facial expressions. This is important when trying to communicate via masks!

Each mask came with a bead adjuster to tighten and fit to the face. We tried to design a size (6") to ensure the mask can fit a variety of face shapes and child ages, so it is safe to say: one size fits most. 

Masks are soft / breathable microfiber polyester Learning 
Lovey™ fabric cloth, 2 ply with elastic; reversible with plain white fabric inside for multi-use.  If you happen to still need masks in your area, please do not hesitate to reach out and we can offer some free of charge. We have managed to donate a lot of our excess stock of masks to children's hospitals and organizations throughout the country. 

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