A CHD Heart Lovey That Raises Awareness

A CHD Heart Lovey That Raises Awareness

Kelley - owner of Baby Jack Kelley - owner of Baby Jack
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1 in 100 babies are diagnosed with a Congenital Heart Defect. This means that the condition is present from birth and 25% of all children will need surgery or intervention. It is one of the most common types of birth defects among babies caused by abnormal formation of the heart during growth in the womb. This is the story about a CHD heart lovey that raises awareness for congenital heart defects and the heart warriors that we proudly support, along with the many partners and organizations that we work with. 

Heart Warriors 1:100
Years ago, I was introduced to CHD through a Facebook page called Cora's Story. This family lost their newborn baby in the first five days of having her due to an undiagnosed condition. The pain it caused and the shock of having Cora's mom to learn about this condition from the coroner stuck with me. It shook me as a new mother. 

After connecting with more heart moms who have been through a diagnosis and researching more, I started getting active in bringing awareness. We held lovey donation Drives, created fabrics to bring comfort and worked with parents to support their local organizations. It grew something inside me that opened the doors to our kindness project - giving back with Baby Jack. 

We design fabrics with the intent to comfort, educate, entertain and provide safety. The added pillar is to now raise awareness and have a purpose.  Our heart lovey has surpassed anything I could have ever known. It opened MY heart to a world of amazing humans and warriors who advocate for this condition. 

Finn Blumenthal Has My Heart

In 2019 Kelly Blumenthal, mom of Finn and founder of Facebook prayer page Prayers for Finn and I decided to design a CHD awareness fabric showing that there are 100 hearts with 1 broken.  Finn has been a #babyjackfan since before he was born and his mother and I became fast friends.  We wanted to do more with our platforms and our hope was to raise awareness and bring comfort to families during these most difficult times. Fast forward years later, Finn is in grade school and has undergone 17+ surgeries and given back to several hospitals with his prayer followers. He continues to inspire so many and be a viable resource for parents in the heart community.

NBC 10 Philadelphia interviewed both Kelly and I about our efforts to send Care Packages to Children's Hospital Philadelphia for heart month 2021 and he was successful with dropping off over 300 gifts! 

CHD Awareness 1:100 Tag Toy Lovey by Baby Jack

CHD Awareness 1:100 Tag Toy Lovey by Baby Jack

$ 24.95

Your purchase of a lovey will bring so much joy to a child and also support the cause of raising awareness for CHD. Gift the gift of comfort for Heart Month! Give back with Baby Jack. Our company is determined to create comfort… read more

CHD Lovey Raising Awareness for Heart Heroes

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